5 La Crosse locations added to COVID-19 high risk list

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WKBT) – The La Crosse County COVID-19 outbreak and investigation page on Wednesday added five establishments in the high-risk category and one in the low-risk group.
New high-risk locations, and times when people may be exposed, include:
• Iron Physic Gym in La Crosse, July 16 from 7 to 10 am.
• Jimmy’s North Star at La Crosse on July 16-18.
• Starlight Lounge in La Crosse, 6-7: 30pm July 16.
• Milwaukee Burger Company in La Crosse, July 22 and 23.
• Red Lobster at La Crosse, 22 July.
Those who had a higher risk should complete the risk screening and referral form on page COVID-19.

New to the low-risk list is Boost Mobile in La Crosse, on July 18 from 4:30 to 4 p.m.
Establishments will remain on the list for 14 days after the last known positive case is revealed. Just because an installation appears on the page, it does not mean that they have done something wrong – nor does it always mean that the establishment should be closed if it appears on the page.

The La Crosse County Health Department reported nine new lab-confirmed cases on Wednesday, bringing the nation to a total of 767. Of them, 650 cases were recovered, five were hospitalized and one La Crosse County resident died.
The overall positive test is 4.5%.
Today’s demographics are two 30–39 females, three 20–29 males, two 20–29 females, and two 60–69 females.
The Wisconsin Department of Health Services reported that 16,288 negative tests have been completed in La Crosse County, including 191, since Tuesday.



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