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5 inspiring moments of the Trump meeting with the Pearl Harbor veterinarians

The president and everyone who was watching at home remembered why these vets were really members of The Greatest Generation.

1. One of the attending veterinarians was supposed to play a football match on the day of the attack, and it would still be a force to count on and out on the field

"You never got that game, right?" Trump told Mickey Ganitch, who has a Hawaiian shirt.

"We had a war to fight," Ganitch replied.

Ganitch, who uses two canes, then leaned toward a three-point position not one, but two! There are many 20-somethings who may have trouble doing so.

"I will not play it in football," Trump said.

Ganitch went on to steal the show by singing Sammy Kaye's song "Remember Pearl" Port. "It was the most poignant thing you'll see all day."

2. Another veterinarian stole Trump's characteristic movement, but he survived Pearl Harbor, so he's more than won that right

"Larry said he hoped he could rebuild the army again," Trump said of Larry Parry, prompting the veteran's approval. "We're building the army beyond what you ever thought "

3. One of the veterans seems four decades younger than him (according to Trump)

Robert Fernandez served in the USS Curtiss, but what really impressed President Trump is how good he looks Nonagenarian

"It seems you're about 50 years old," Trump said. "You look great. How old is he? "

" Ninety-three now, "answered Fernandez.

" Ninety-three? Well, you look great, "said Trump.

Objectively, his posture is surprising.

4. They survived" a pretty wild scene "

If you've ever seen images of the Pearl Harbor attack, you know that the destruction is really a floor, President Trump seems to think so.

"That was a pretty wild scene. You'll never forget it, right? "Trump said.

Let's hope the country in general never does.

5. Veterans with Trump were six of the thousands who answered the call to serve their country

"They fought, they bled, they sacrificed and they triumphed," Trump said.

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