5 Health Tips, Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams

“Three weeks after the whole meal, plant-based, my vision returned,” says Adams. “Three months later, A1C was 5.7. My cholesterol returned to normal, blood pressure returned to normal, my kidney numbers returned to normal. I dropped 35 pounds. I woke up and no longer felt discomfort.”

This is an incredible health story, all from a focus on whole, plant-based foods. But before you consider it, know that Adams is not alone: ​​Founder of Mastering Diabetes Cyrus Khambata, PhD, and Robbie Barbaro, MPH, actually reversed their insulin resistance with plant-based eating. Even Adams’ mom was able to see impressive results: “My mom is 80 years old, 15 years old diabetic, and seven on insulin. She supported me. [in my plant-based journey], And nine months later she was taking her insulin off, ”he shares.

This is to say that you cannot enjoy animal products, if you can tolerate them. Just consider it a matter of making plants the star of your plate, at the very least. According to Adams, profits abound.


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