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5 cannabis products change the way we think about marijuana

There is a renaissance in the world of cannabis products, due in large part to the growing trend of legalization across the country. As new markets come online, consumers demand new types of products. In markets that are being legalized, the fastest growing demographics are among women and adults over 50.

In response to these growing client segments, cannabis operators respond with innovative types of products. The days of plastic bags filled with non-descriptive marijuana largely disappeared. Almost all legalized states require the inclusion of laboratory test results on product labels and there is an increasing understanding of the role of various cannabinoids and terpenes in the effects of marijuana.

The rapid evolution of cannabis products serves a growing base of customers looking for everything from unadulterated flowers to lip balms infused with cannabis oil. Here, we will examine some of the new types of products that emerge in the industry.

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CBD Water

The market for infused beverages has shown great growth in the last two years. This has been especially evident in the cannabidiol water and sports drinks market. Cannabidiol, often called CBD, is the second most common cannabinoid in cannabis and is not intoxicating. CBD has been used to harvest the medicinal benefits of cannabis without the intoxicating effects associated with other cannabinoids such as tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). The ability of CBD to relieve pain and inflammation has made it a source of invaluable relief for many, from the weekend warrior with muscle pain or elderly patients seeking an alternative to treat chronic pain. It has also shown to be very promising in the treatment of seizures and epileptic conditions.

Several cannabis companies have developed CBD water products to help consumers obtain a more reliable dosage of CBD. A manufacturer, CBD Living Water, has worked to develop patented technology that helps improve the bioavailability of CBD in its products. CANNAKI Premium CBD Water makes water CBD and water are infused with THC. Finally, professional Motocross cyclist Tyler Bereman collaborated with Generation X to create a new CBD water line to treat sports injuries.

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Cannabis and Gum Mints

The groceries now go way beyond the well-known "brownie grass" that many associate with the segment. For example, Milo Confections developed Betta Mints, flavorants infused with 5 mg to 20 mg of THC per mint. Also in the mint category, Pure Ratios developed a line of pills formulated with an extended release system that provides the effects of CBD and / or THC over a sustained period of time.

In the gum space, Chill Chum and High Balls each have chewing gum infused with cannabinoids. High Balls reinvents classic childhood sweets by infusing THC into a gluten-free, vegan-friendly gumball, while Chill Gum uses CBD derived from hemp for 10mg of CBD per fresh mint tablet.

Caffeine Cannabis

Several operators have sought to formulate mixtures of cannabinoids and caffeine to make coffee and tea infusions with cannabis with the intention of eliminating the nervous turmoil that often occurs after a cup of caffeine. The Canyon Cultivation coffee is made with Guatemalan beans and a low dose of 10 mg of THC per bottle. Jane's Brew makes gourmet teas bottled in green tea, sweet tea and tropical passion tea flavors, each with 100 mg of THC. Pot-O-Coffee has provided a similar product, although they have not been limited to coffee and have included choices of green tea and hot chocolate. In addition, Pot-O-Coffee is promoting consumers who prioritize convenience by developing K-Cups for their cannabis drinks.

Pet Medicine

The US pet drug market has increased over the past four years and is expected to contribute $ 10.2 billion in revenue by 2018. Operators are capitalizing on the expansion with drugs and treats to Cannabis-based pets that aim to be a natural and non-invasive solution to animal ailments.

Treatibles and Serena Pet manufacture pet medicines and CBD-based hemp treats that include specific dosage instructions for a variety of ailments. Perhaps the most notable of the pet medicine brands is VET CBD, a company based in California and product created by Dr. Tim Shu, a veterinarian whose mission is to advocate for the effectiveness of cannabis as an alternative to traditional prescription drugs. . Where VET CBD differs is in the use of whole flowers, instead of hemp, CBD to make your laboratory test the dye.

Note: Veterinarians can not sell or prescribe cannabis directly to pets. Pet owners still need to get a cannabis recommendation and then buy pet products with cannabis infusions from a local retailer.

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Wellness and beauty

Similar to operators in the marijuana industry, beauty and wellness companies are experiencing rapid changes in their own industry, too. This change creates a consumer base prepared for a cannabis co-evolution and wellness that will produce a series of products that aim to provide pain relief and body relaxation properties with the help of cannabinoids and terpenes.

Consumers with Desire for cheap beauty products that are both luxurious and provide a general sense of well-being have a variety of options with brands like Gemstonz, Made from Dirt and Forbidden Leaf, each making a series of lotions, lip balms and hand soaps. Papa & Barkley focuses more on health, with products aimed at pain relief with "Releaf" dyes, massage oils and transdermal patches that slowly release cannabinoids for up to 12 hours.

The marketing of De La Beuh is at the crossroads of well-being and beauty with bath bombs that promise to "heal while you bathe" and "give you a spa experience in your own bathroom".

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