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5 Android apps that you should not miss this week – Android Apps Weekly

This is a screenshot of Waymo for application number 289 of Android Weekly
Welcome to the 289 edition of Android Apps Weekly! Here are the big headlines of the last week:

  • Microsoft is bringing a Forza game to mobile devices in late 2019. It announced the game earlier this week. The game, Forza Street, should be pretty standard for a mobile race. There is a single player mode with a story line, as well as an online multiplayer mode. It is mainly aimed at casual players. Click on the link to learn more!
  • Google Play Store had a couple of important news this week. The first is the simultaneous download of applications. This was a feature in the early days of Android that it seems to be coming back. With the fastest data speeds or 2019, you should do the updates much faster. The second news is a promise from Google. They want to make more and more detailed decisions of Play Store for developers. That is good for developers.
  • Two applications were banned in several countries this week. India banned TikTok, while Nepal banned PUBG Mobile. Indian courts considered the application dangerous for children. Meanwhile, Nepal says the video game is making people aggressive. India asked Google Play and Apple App Store to remove the application to avoid further downloads. Nepal says that video games cause aggression. Both are quite volatile situations. Click on the link for more details.
  • Facebook made good news this week, finally. Facebook Messenger can return to the regular Facebook application. We, in Android Authority, almost unanimously believe that it is a good idea. There is evidence in the application code to support the rumor. It may not have all the features of the actual Messenger application, but also access to those messages is enough for most people.
  • Google and Amazon can finally bury the ax in a one-year mini-rivalry. Google agreed to return YouTube to Fire TV devices and Amazon agreed to bring Prime Video to Chromecast. Not much more to say. We are all very happy.

PGA Tour Golf Shootout

Price: freemium

PGA Tour Golf Shootout is an informal style golf game for mobile phones. It reminds me of old arcade golf games. You shoot the ball and try to get holes in one. The game presents daily and weekly challenges, tons of loot, upgradable equipment, online PvP mode and some decent graphics. The mechanics are very easy and nobody should have problems to play. It is a freemium game like most casual mobile games. However, apart from some initial mistakes, people seem to like it.

Zoho Show is a new presentation application, which allows users to create and execute presentations similar to Google Slides or Microsoft PowerPoint. The application comes with a lot of themes, styles and slide transitions. Interestingly, it also supports PowerPoint files as well. You can find the usual range of features such as support in the cloud, team collaboration and compatibility with the operating system. It is also completely free.

Zoho Show

If we missed an Android application or game, tell us in the comments! You can You can also see our latest podcasts!

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