49ers Week 6 Overreactions: Blockbuster is the best course of trade action?

The 49th win over the Los Angeles Rams makes things more interesting for the final 10 matches of the regular season.

The 49ers are now 3-3. Ten teams have suffered three or fewer losses in the NFC. Seven teams from each conference make the playoffs.

However, currently one of the NFC teams with four or more losses will advance and host a game as champions of the East.

The NFL trade deadline – all days are coming up on November 3 – and general manager John Lynch must decide how to handle that important date on the NFL calendar.

This week’s edition of the 49th overreaction is:

Any unnecessary? Yes.

The 49ers, like all NFL teams, will be looking to cut costs after this season as the salary cap will fall for the first time.

Creating a blockbuster trade is not a wise move for a high-priced veteran.

Coach Kyle Sheenahan said on Monday that the 49ers are “not in the mood” for the manner with their draft picks.

“We had to take a number of important steps last year, which I think help us, but we don’t want another draft where we don’t have too many picks,” he said.

JJ Watt is a great player. But he is 31 years old and is missing a large chunk of three of the last four seasons due to injuries.

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49 people are smuggling against salary cap. Watt would cost him more than $ 900,000 every week on the roster this season. Then, he will be on the books next year for $ 17.5 million.

The 49ers will have to reshuffle multiple rosters at the end of this season. He has a number of free agents, as well as many expensive veteran players, whom the club cannot afford to bring back to their high salaries in 2021.

The 49ers need those draft picks. He should be able to supplement his roster with younger players who are locked into low-cost contracts for four seasons.

Doing a short-sighted business is not the best plan for this organization.

Any unnecessary? No.

Running back Rahm Mostert stands at second base. The man is always in scoring position when he is on the field.

Mostert is a dynamic, big game threat. But the 49ers won’t have, at least for the next three games – and, perhaps, a little longer. He sprained his ankle late in the first half of the 49ers’ 24-16 win over the Rams on Sunday.

Mostert is the leading rusher of the 49ers and averaged 5.9 yards per carry. He has also improved out of the backfield as a root-runner. He is a really good player who brings an element of game-breaking ability to the 49ers offense that they don’t get from anyone else.

That said, the 49ers should be fine for the short term without him.

He has built outstanding depth in running back with Jerick McKinnon, Jeff Wilson and Jamieck Hastie. Tevin Coleman (knee) is expected to activate the injured reserve early next week.

In addition, Shanahan prefers to use wide receivers Debo Samuel and Brandon Ayuk as elements of the team’s ongoing game.

Most important for the crime. They are a better team without him. But the 49ers can compensate for their loss by a mix of players already in the building.

Any unnecessary? Yes and no

The 49ers are still in the hunt for the playoffs.

If they play continuously like they did against Ram, they will make it. If they have more trends towards how they look against the Miami Dolphins, they won’t.

The 49ers showed on Sunday night that they still had plenty of good players who could score one at Postson. This year, probably more than any other, it’s all happening in the playoffs. Anything can happen after that.

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But if the 49th season does not continue in January, there is little question that injuries will be the main factor. Nick Bosa’s season began at the end of the week. D. Ford and Weston Richburg cannot take the field for the rest of the season. Richard Sherman’s position is unclear.

In all, 12 players are in injured reserve along with Mostert and center Ben Garland. And three players are physically unable to perform. There will be no sooner return in the third month of the season.

Sankat Collinsworth of NBC Sports completed it over the weekend:

“The system is a great system,” he said. ‚ÄúDefensively, they have a lot of things that make sense. But when you don’t have players, I don’t care who your coaches are. I don’t care what the design is, if you don’t have players, it’s not working.

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