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49ers bringing in potential Kyle Nelson replacements

Kyle Nelson struggled on Sunday during the 49ers 36-9 victory over the New York Giants. It did not cost the San Francisco victory, but that is not to say that mistakes like this cannot continue down the stretch.Nelson’s snaps were all over the place, and offensive lineman Justin Scull eventually replaced him. Can the 49ers replace the team’s longest-serving current player?

“I know how low Kyle is. I knew how low he was,” head coach Kyle Shanahan told reporters on Monday. “He came to me today and just apologized and gave stuff. It was an unfortunate game for him. Kyle had an incredible career. He has been a great 49er. He has been a great teammate.

“I’ve loved Kyle all these three years, which is what I’ve gotten to know him for, and he’s very good to us. So, I know it was a really bad day.

“I just told him that, you know, luckily, it didn’t cost us anything. It wasn’t an issue in the game because that’s how the rest of the game went. We were still able to get a W, but that Understands this business. He understands how the league works, and we’re going to bring some people tomorrow, work them out. We’ll see how they look, and then we’ll decide how to proceed. What’s the best. “

49ers vs Giants breakdown of Baldi

NFL Network analyst Brian Baldinger broke the film and pointed to some extraordinary work by the 49ers on Sunday. You can find out the breakdown of the baldi below. They include some of the more impressive plays from the offensive line, running back Jerick McKinnon, and stopping Javon Kinlaw and Brandon Ayuk.

49ers Snap Counts

Below are the 49ers snap count against the Giants. These numbers belong to NBC Sports Bay Area.


  • Quarterback: Nick Mullens 77
  • rushing back: Jerick McKinnon 48, Kyle Juszczek 38, Jeff Wilson 23, Jaymekal Hosty 6
  • Wide receiver: Kendrick Bourne 64, Brandon Ayuk 56, Trent Taylor 30, Mohammed Sanu 20, Dante Pettis 8
  • tight end: Ross Dwell 62, Jordan Reid 18, Charlie Werner 12
  • Offensive line: Lucken Tomlinson 77, Ben Garland 77, Daniel Bruncill 76, Trent Williams 74, Mike McGlichy 72, Justin Skull 5, Colton McWitz 4


  • Defensive line: Kerry Hyder 36, Eric Armstead 33, Javon Kinlaw 28, Kevin Givens 27, DJ Jones 24, Dion Jordan 22, Jiggy Ansah 21, Kentavious Street 17
  • Linebacker: Fred Warner 45, Quon Alexander 45, Aziz al-Shair 19, Demetrius Flanigan-Falls, Joe Walker 7
  • Defensive Back: Jimmy Ward 45, Jackieski Tart 45, Jason Verrett 45, Donattee Johnson 43, Kevon Williams 33, Emmanuelle Moseley 9, Tarvir Moore 7, Ken Webster 7, Marcel Harris 7

Special teams

  • Mitch Vishnowski 16, Walker 16, Moore 16, Flenigan-Falls 16, Webster 13, Harris 13, Dwelly 13, Mark Nezocha 12, Armstead 12, Jones 12, Warne 11, Hess 11, Ward 11, Robbie Gould 10, Tomlinson 9. Branskill 9, Skull 9, McWitz 9, Kyle Nelson 8, McGlenkey 8, Tart 8, Johnson 8, Pettis 5, Al-Shair 5, Wilson 4, T. Taylor 3, Kinlaw 3, Jordan 3, Hornis Grasu 1, t. T. Williams 1

Did not play

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