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49ers John Lynch updates the status of Reuben Foster

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SANTA CLARA – Reuben Foster's status with the 49ers remains in jeopardy amid three felony charges, including an indictment of domestic violence that could deserve at least a six-game suspension of the NFL.

"If the charges are proven true, if you beat this young woman, she will not be part of this organization," general manager John Lynch said in his first remarks Monday since Foster was indicted on April 12 in Superior Court. of Santa Clara County.

"We believe that the seriousness of these charges has not been lost to us, we take it very seriously," said Lynch. "We feel that patience is the right approach at this time."

Foster has a court date of April 30 to file a guilty plea or, more likely, try to push for a later date. He is charged with domestic violence with an accusation of having inflicted a large bodily injury on his girlfriend, forcing the victim to report a crime and possessing an assault weapon.

Lynch acknowledged that he and team officials were surprised by prosecutors' accounts of the February 11 incident that led to Foster's arrest.

"Yes, that could be said of all of us," said Lynch. "But again we feel that after that we sit down and take into account what happened, we feel there are still reasons to wait, and that is what we are doing.

" We abhor domestic violence. I do not think anyone likes it. … We have a team policy. The team's policy is to observe that each person's situation is unique. "

Foster does not participate in the 49ers' off-season volunteer program that started a week ago.

" He's a player. One of the great lessons I learned in this league is that no one is bigger than the team, "said Lynch." If we learn about the charges that have been imposed on them, if we learn that they are true, he will not be here, and I believe that's saying a lot. "

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