44-year-old man accused of arson in Oregon fire

Authorities in Southern Oregon then charged the 44-year-old man with first-degree arson. On Wednesday, a fire broke out near the Frisbee Golf Course in the Dexter State Recreation Area.

Lane County Sheriff’s Office The charges were announced on Friday, Given that fire is not related Holiday farm In McKenzie Valley.

“The fire was in a wooded area and was about 5 feet in diameter before being extinguished by two people playing Frisbee golf in the area,” the sheriff’s office said in a statement. “Shortly before the fire, a person was seen moving out of the area in a minivan.”

Deputies arrested Jonathan Mass on Thursday in relation to the Destator fire.

The sheriff’s office said, “While the fire was already extinguished and extinguished in size, the fire was likely to spread quickly.” “We are grateful to the members of the community who thanked the fire and for hurting anyone or causing any kind of damage before extinguishing the fire.”

Although unrelated, the charges against Maas come as wildfires on the West Coast, including Oregon. So far at least seven people have died in the state fire, According to The Oregonian.