4 problems Texans Nick Casario should solve immediately

The Houston Texans are not making the same mistake in 2021.

They are just making all new ones.

Newly appointed general manager Nick Cassario is getting his first crack at running the NFL front office after spending the last 19 years inside the New England Patriots organization, playing the club’s six Super Bowl champions and leading AFC East titles. Throughout the facility.

The 45-year-old has more than healed a team that finished 4-12. Casario has some issues that need to be resolved before he can start fixing the Texans.

1. Victory over Deshan Watson

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The three-time pro bowler is giving his outfit a cold shoulder after hiring Caesario. Already, Watson does not see Cassario as “his man”. According to a report by Adam Scare, Texas had two general manager candidates in the form of Pittsburgh Steelers Omar Khan and ESPN Monday Night football analyst Louis Riddick, who were selected by Cal McNair’s search firm. Nevertheless, McNair went with Casario anyway.

Watson is on vacation, but has not returned calls to Texas. The longer the comrades are down between the two sides, the worse it can get.

2. Resolve Jack Easterby Situation

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The Texas organization was entered as “Executive Vice President of Team Development” for Easter on April 2, 2019. Next thing you know, General Manager Brian Gine is fired on 7 June. Jadevan Clooney lives outside and does business at the president’s end. Easterby was promoted as executive vice president of the Football Bills in January, with coach Bill O’Brien doubling as general manager. DeAndre Hopkins is traded to start 2020 free agency. O’Brien was fired on 5 October, with Easterby named interim general manager. Easter’s friend Nick Cassario is hired as general manager, although he was not a prime candidate recommended by the search firm.

McNair said that once a new general manager was hired, Easterby would “go back to football ops”, according to an interview with Mark Vandermeier in October.

Of course, Easterby does not have to go back to executive vice president of football operations; Caserio can just fire his friend – easier said than done.

Easterby’s situation is one of the questions that is affecting the morale of fans and possibly players. Casario will soon have to clarify Easter’s role.

3. Hire the right coach

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Brian Daboll makes the most sense because he has connections to the Casario and Patriots organization.

But what if Kansas City’s lead coordinator Eric Bynemi, already a favorite with Countryman Watson and safety Justin Reid, is right? While there are no Patriot connections with Bynemi, Casario has to make the right connections to bring players on board with the new coaching staff.

The coaching fare is the last move that will either win back the locker room or continue the outrage that will stop everyone across offshore.

4. Keep or release JJ Watts

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Watt is in the final year of his contract; There is no more guaranteed money left on his deal. This is the perfect opportunity to make a break with the 31-year-old, who had 5.0 sacks through 16 games last year, the lowest of his career through a full 16-game slate.

Does Watt consider rebuilding Texas? If so, does he want to be a part of it? Would he rather go? Where? What kind of compensation will Texas get in return?


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