4 gunmen demand 15 second fatal attack on party near Rutgers University

A surveillance video showed four gunmen exiting a car and setting fire.

Surveillance video of the attack took 15 seconds for four gunmen to kill two people and injure six others at a house party near Rutgers University.

New Brunswick Police released video of the shooting, which began on Sunday, outside a party party just two blocks south of the Rutgers campus.

The footage shows a car pulling up to a house at 1:18 am and four gunmen jumping outside with a gun and about 100 people purposefully gathered outside the residence, where the birthday party was taking place.

In just 15 seconds, more than two dozen shots were fired before the team of gun-wielding criminals got back into the car and stopped.

Two people injured by the bullet were taken to Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital in New Brunswick, where they were pronounced dead. Six other bullet victims were taken to several hospitals in the area.

While many Rutgers students live on campuses in the neighborhood where the shooting took place, officials said investigations indicate that none of the students or employees associated with Rutgers were injured in the shooting or their involvement with the target house party was not.

Police are asking for the public’s help in identifying the gunmen who left the shell casings and casualties on the road. No arrests were made until Monday morning.

Witnesses told ABC news station WABC in New York that the gunman went on a brawl to target the house before the shooting.

Rutgers University student Jacob Beecher, who lives nearby, told WABC that after the gunfire exploded, he moved out of his residence to look for the injured victims on the road.

“I ran for a young man, and I’m saying, ‘I’m the man here’


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