4 Alabama correctional officers charged with excessive force, obstruction

Federal prosecutors said four Alabama correctional officers were indicted Tuesday on charges that they dropped a prisoner to the ground or filed a false report about him.

Sergeant. Keith Finch and correctional officers and Jordan Thomas and Kevin Blaycock are charged with being deprived of rights under the color of law at the 2018 incident at the Bibb Correctional Facility in Brent, about 40 miles southwest of Birmingham is.

Thomas and Sergeant. The Justice Department said in a statement that Orlanda Walker has also been accused of obstructing justice for filing false lawsuits, claiming that the prisoner was once on the ground.

In fact, Thomas, Finch and Blaycock allegedly “kicked the prisoner and hit him several times with his baton,” when he was already on the ground and was surrounded, the Justice Department said.

Walker is not accused of assaulting the prisoner, but Thomas’ supervisor and officials say he filed a false report about it.

Federal court records for correctional officers did not appear online Tuesday night, and it was unclear whether they had attorneys who could speak on their behalf.

A week after the judicial department’s civil rights division released the results of the investigation, federal grand juries narrowly returned the indictments that “found reasonable reason to believe that a pattern for men to use excessive force against inmates in Alabama jails” Or practice. “

In a 28-page report released on Thursday, investigators alleged that correctional staff often failed to properly use the force’s documents or reports.

It cited an incident at the Bib Correctional Facility in which a prisoner fractured both hands after hitting him with a baton.

The Justice Department report states that the report of the incident referred to the prisoner’s going to the healthcare unit, but he completely failed to document the extent of the injuries.

It is unclear if the signs announced on Tuesday are related to that incident mentioned in the report. Reportedly, more than 1,800 prisoners, rib correctional houses. The Department of Justice began investigating the conditions in the state’s 13 prisons for men in 2016.

Due to Tuesday’s events, an inmate, who was not identified in a news release, ran out of his cell on Sept 12, 2018, and was taken to the ground by two officers and was in a fetal position on the ground. .

According to the Justice Department, Thomas, Finch and Blaycock allegedly hit him with kick and bat while he was on the ground.

Requests for comment from the Alabama Department of Corrections and US Attorney’s Office for the Northern District of Alabama were not returned Tuesday night.

The department said that if convicted, Finch, Thomas and Blake face a maximum sentence of 10 years in prison if denied a charge of authority and Thomas and Walker could face a maximum of 20 years in prison.

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