& # 39; The Ben Shapiro Show & # 39; wins the award & # 39; Best News Podcast & # 39; from iHeartRadio

On Friday night, iHeartMedia held its inaugural ceremony of the iHeartRadio Podcast Awards, and The Daily Wire's "The Ben Shapiro Show" took home the Best News Podcast award.

"The Ben Shapiro Show", presented by the syndicated columnist, the New York Times best sellers and the editor-in-chief of Daily Wire, "The Ben Shapiro Show" is the largest conservative news podcast in the United States and is now syndicated in the main markets of the country. Shapiro's show was one of six finalists, along with "Pod Save America", "Today he explained" The Daily "," Caliphate "and" Up First ".

"This is really a testimony from our audience, who is the best and most supportive in the business," said the executive producer of "Daily Shapiro Show," co-founder of Daily Wire, and Jeremy Boreing.

The team behind "The Ben Shapiro Show" includes the producer Senia Villarreal, the main producer Jonathan Hay, the supervising producer Mathis Glover, the technical producer Austin Stephens, the editor Adam Sayovitz, the audio producer Mike Coromina, the specialist in makeup and hairdo Jesua Olvera and production badistant Nick Sheehan.

The award ceremony on Friday was the first of what will be an annual awards show produced by iHeartMedia. The ceremony included 21 categories of podcasts, including the Podcast of the year (winner: "Slow Burn"), Best business podcast ("RISE Podcast"), Best comedy podcast ("The Joe Rogan Experience"), Best crime podcast ("Hasta And Vanished"), Best food podcast ("Sips, Suds, & Smokes"), and Best entertainment television podcast ("Whine Down with Jana Kramer"). In addition to announcing the winners of the various podcast categories, iHeartMedia recognized NPR as a "pioneer" in the podcast industry and producer Marc Smerling as a "podcast innovator".

Below is the complete list of categories, nominees and winners:

Podcast of the year

  • "Atlanta Monster"
  • "The newspaper"
  • "Dirty Juan"
  • "The habitat"
  • "The unconditional story of Dan Carlin"
  • "Joe Rogan's experience"
  • "Radiolab"
  • "Serial"
  • "Slow Burn" – WINNER
  • "Things you have to know"

Best business podcast

  • "Unusual Business with Barbara Corcoran"
  • "Business wars"
  • "The GaryVee audio experience"
  • "How I built this with Guy Raz"
  • "Planet money"
  • "RISE Podcast" – WINNER

Best comedy podcast

  • "2 Dope Queens"
  • "Anna Faris is not qualified"
  • "The Brooklyn Boys podcast"
  • "Monday Morning Podcast"
  • "Joe Rogan's experience" – WINNER
  • "WTF with Marc Maron"

The best crime podcast

  • "Atlanta Monster"
  • "Crimetown"
  • "Criminal"
  • "Dirty Juan"
  • "In the dark"
  • "Up And Vanished" – WINNER

Best food podcast

  • "Burnt toast"
  • "Gastropod"
  • "House of carbohydrates"
  • "The sisters of the kitchen present"
  • "Sips, Suds, & Smokes" – WINNER
  • "The Sporkful"

Best TV entertainment Podcast

  • "Single party"
  • "Inside the jaws"
  • "Crushed movie"
  • "Happy hour of pop culture"
  • "Whine Down with Jana Kramer" – WINNER
  • "You must remember this"

The best curiosity podcast

  • "99% invisible"
  • "Radiolab"
  • "Revisionist history"
  • "StarTalk Radio"
  • "Things to blow your mind"
  • "Things you should know" – WINNER

Best health and wellness podcast

  • "10% happier with Dan Harris"
  • "Almost 30 podcast"
  • "The goop podcast"
  • "Happy hour of mental illness"
  • "Sleep with Me" – WINNER
  • "TEDTalks Health"

Best story podcast:

  • "Dan Carlin's hardcore story" – WINNER
  • "Science"
  • "Revisionist history"
  • "RFK tapes"
  • "Slow Burn"
  • "Things you missed in history clbad"

The best podcast for children and families:

  • "Pants on fire"
  • "Read with your children"
  • "Podcast of stories"
  • "Tales of pirates"
  • "Wow in the world" – WINNER
  • "The young Ben Franklin"

Best LGBTQ podcast:

  • "Mudo, gay politics"
  • "Food 4 Thot"
  • "Curiosity with Jonathan Van Ness" – WINNER
  • "The heart"
  • "Nancy"
  • "Shedding Shadow"

Podcast more bingeable:

  • "Atlanta Monster"
  • "Dr. Death" – WINNER
  • "Serial"
  • "Slow Burn"
  • "Things you have to know"
  • "This American life"

Best multicultural podcast:

  • "2 Dope Queens"
  • "The Breakfast Club" – WINNER
  • "Radio Rebeldes Latinas"
  • "The Nod"
  • "Radio Ambulante"
  • "The reading"

Best music podcast:

  • "All the songs considered"
  • "Bobbycast" – WINNER
  • "Cocaine and rhinestones: the history of country music"
  • "Misfortune"
  • "Song Exploder"
  • "Uploaded"

Best news podcast:

  • "The Ben Shapiro show" – WINNER
  • "Caliphate"
  • "The newspaper"
  • "Pod Save America"
  • "Today, explained"
  • "Up first"

The best scripted podcast:

  • "A very fatal murder"
  • "Alicia is not dead"
  • "The control group"
  • "Mission to zyxx"
  • "Welcome to Night Vale"
  • "Wolverine: The Long Night" – WINNER

Best sports podcast:

  • "30 for 30 podcasts"
  • "Against all odds with the salt bonus"
  • "The Bill Simmons podcast"
  • "Footballers: Fantasy Football Podcast" – WINNER
  • "The Pack with Colin Cowherd"
  • "Forgive my take"

Best podcast of science and technology:

  • "Crazy / Genius"
  • "WSJ The future of everything"
  • "Personal note"
  • "Recode Decode, hosted by Kara Swisher"
  • "Answer everyone" – WINNER
  • "TechStuff"

Breakout Podcast:

  • "Expert chair with Dax Shepard" – WINNER
  • "Atlanta Monster"
  • "Dirty Juan"
  • "Dr. Death"
  • "Curiosity with Jonathan Van Ness"
  • "Happy face"
  • "The habitat"
  • "Sandra"
  • "Slow Burn"
  • "Nature"

The best brand podcast:

  • "#LipStories" (Sephora)
  • "Closer than they seem" (jetty)
  • "DTR – The Official Tinder Podcast" (Tinder) – WINNER
  • "The future according to now" (Fidelity Investments)
  • "Hackable?" (McAfee)
  • "Inside Trader Joe & # 39; s" (Trader Joe & # 39; s)
  • "IRL: Life online is real life" (Mozilla)
  • "Spit" (23 and me)
  • "Trained" (NIKE)
  • "You can not do this" (Netflix)

Best social impact podcast:

  • "Ear Hustle" – WINNER
  • "Impact boom"
  • "Being"
  • "Stanford Social Innovation Review"
  • "Little spark"
  • "Unfair Conviction with Jason Flom"

Pioneer Podcast Award: NPR

Podcast Innovator Award: Marc Smerling

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