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& # 39; Protection agents. & # 39; recapitulation: Season 5, Episode 6

Marvel Agents of SHIELD

TV Series
Current Status
date of execution [19659003] 07/19/13
Clark Gregg, Ming-Na Wen, Chloe Bennet

This week's episode It starts at an unexpected start, but we've come to hope that in this space season, is not it? This time the digression is at the service of the presentation of a new character, Flint (Coy Stewart). We find Flint a humble scavenger trying to survive on the space station that houses the remnants of humanity, but it is about to become something much more.

He is not the only one who is going through changes. Upon arriving at the space station, Enoch informs Fitz that he is now "Boshtok", a space marauder of unlimited wealth and inaccessible ferocity. Those references from Han Solo last week were not a joke; Fitz is now completely in hero mode. He struts enough to impress even Kasius, but Fitz really only has eyes for one person in the room. Enoc offers to introduce Simmons, but Fitz does not have time for that. Approaching Simmons furtively from behind, he whispers a sincere speech that should make any FitzSimmons loader faint. I mean, just look, although the universe separated them once again, this time in space and time, still managed to find the way back to it. "The universe can not stop us," he says. And then, to top it off, at one point the shippers have probably been waiting for years, Fitz even proposing

… but, unfortunately, he did not know about the Kasius implants that prevents his servants from hearing something other than the voice of his teacher. So let's wait for the wedding bells for now.

Meanwhile, it's time for Flint to face his destiny. Along with a herd of other humans, Flint is assembled for exposure to crystals. The fog comes out of the vents below them, but when the fog clears, Flint leaves. One good thing about this season is that the villains are not stupid. The Kree knows that Flint's new inhuman powers are not working here, but he's not sure what the real answer is.

It is, of course, YoYo. ( The summary continues on page 2 )

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