Dylan O'Brien has reason to be relieved after successfully completing the Maze Runner movie franchise.

With the third and final installment, Maze R unner: The Death Cure, to be released on January 26, O & # 39; Brien may have completely left behind the serious head injury he suffered when making the film two years ago.

"It's a mix of emotions for me, it means a lot to me to finish the film and finish the trilogy," O & # 39; Brien tells USA TODAY. "The trilogy always meant everything to me and always will be. And all these people will too. "

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"What happened? It contaminated him for a while" , O & # 39; Brien adds from his injury. "And it was not right, so it's amazing, almost two years later, that we completed it, I do not know, it's a trip."

After the injury of April 2016, which occurred during a trick of Death Cure that went awry, the production of the film was postponed and completely closed in March when it became clear how serious It was O & # 39; Brien's injuries.

Thomas (Dylan O & # 39; Brien) and Newt (Thomas Brodie-Sangster) face constant danger in & # 39; Maze Runner; The Death Cure. & # 39; (Photo: 20th Century Fox / Joe Alblas)

After hospitalization, O & # 39; Brien spent six months at home recovering and wondering if his career as an actor or his health will always be the same.

The 26-year-old star approached successfully to shoot her first movie after her injury, American Assassin (which came out in September).

After filming Assassin O & # 39; Brien was able to join Maze Runner co-stars such as Thomas Brodie-Sangster and Ki H ong Lee to shoot Death Cure in March of 2017.

The second session for the film in South Africa was a success. Watching the movie and the entire franchise is a joy for O & # 39; Brien.

"It fills me with this kind of feeling of pride, as if I had conquered something," says O & # 39; Brien. "It just feels so good, it would never have been good with what we left, that's how I would have felt better, actually finish it, and on the most positive note, that's how we started it."

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