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& # 39; MacGyver & # 39; star George Eads to leave (exclusive)

The sources tell The Hollywood Reporter that the graduate of & # 39; CSI & # 39; He left the show's set in October, with the producers supporting the actor's desire to leave the CBS reboot.

George Eads is going away from a CBS drama.

The actor will leave the network. MacGyver restart where you have co-starred from the pilot. The sources say The Hollywood Reporter that he CSI grad had an altercation in October and left the Atlanta set even though he still has several hours of production for the day. Eads is currently in production in the drama. His final episode is scheduled to be broadcast sometime in 2019.

Representatives of Eads, CBS and producers CBS TV Studios declined to comment.

Sources point out that Eads announced its plans to abandon the restart, from showrunner Peter Lenkov. The producers finally agreed to leave the actor out of their remaining contract. Eads has been No. 2 on the call sheet for the re-start of the iconic 1980s procedure, where he plays MacGyver's partner (star Luke Till) and Army old friend Jack Dalton. Eads, who returned to CBS after 15 years of operation in CSI, was the first actor of the cast on the restart. The character will be written. Eads, according to sources, had been asking to be let go of the Atlanta-based series for some time to spend more time with his daughter in Los Angeles.

Eads has a checkered history with CBS and CBS TV Studios. The actor was one of the original stars of the network and study. CSI: Investigation of the crime scene and was absent in 2013 after a clash on the set with one of the writers of the program. At that time, the sources said. THR that the actor was not happy with the creative direction of his character and faced a pregnant co-writer. The news of the incident returned to Carol Mendelsohn, the then executor, and resulted in a meeting that ended with Eads' threat to resign. He returned to the series after his temporary suspension later that season. Finally he chose to abandon the procedure in season 15.

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