& # 39; Jon Bernthal, of Punisher, is at peace with the possibility of Netflix cancellation

By Matthew Mueller

It seems that the relationship between Netflix and Marvel TV is coming to an end, although the jury is still deliberating over whether The Punisher It will also be canceled. However, if he does, Jon Bernthal is at peace with him.

This will be the second season of Bernthal as Frank Castle by Marvel, and some anticipate that the show will continue to programs like Reckless, Iron fistY Luke Cage, which were all canceled. That leaves Jessica Jones and Punisher, and although Bernthal would love to continue as the character, it's also fine if this is the end of his Punisher career.

"I know the reality of the situation and I am at peace with it," Bernthal told Variety. "I really only care about the things I can control, when I play the character and I do the work and it's right in front of me, I do everything I can to do my best, but in this business there is so much that we can not control. Whatever happens with these programs, these decisions are made in rooms to which I'm not invited and I agree with that. "

Netflix canceled Reckless Shortly after season 3 was launched in the broadcast service, despite critical criticism, some consider it the best season of Wonder TV period. That was not enough to save him, so the odds are Punisher and eventually Jessica Jones I will follow the example.

All this is due to disagreements between Marvel TV and Netflix about how those programs should be handled. Of the reports, Netflix wanted to shorten the seasons to make them stronger and avoid that the calm of the half of the season falls. It would also make them cheaper to produce, but Marvel did not want to lose revenue, especially for the characters they could not use in other projects, such as their Marvel cinematic mega-universe.

This was also the last connection the two had, since Disney was already moving their next films to their new Disney + broadcast service from Captain Marvel Instead of debuting on Netflix. It made sense that Netflix would cut all the cable at that point and continue to focus on the original programming.

As for Punisher, Season 2 is now available on Netflix. Jessica Jones Season 3 hits later this year. You can also find all the old Marvel seasons in the service.

Do you believe Punisher It will also be canceled as Reckless? Let us know in the comments!

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