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"Do not cross the currents".

The forces responsible for the universe of AMC The Walking Dead subscribed for a long time to the wisdom of Egon Spengler, maintaining the zombie drama and the spin-off Fear The Walking Dead [19659003] separated by distance and time. Given the news about Walking Dead the next regular role of the veteran series Lennie James in Fear the Walking Dead now it seems that the golden rule Ghostbusters has been vaporized, and in the process, the two shows seem to overlap in time, if not in space.

Heading the announcement Talking Dead on the Fear and Walking Dead cross-over details, most of the fans were based on the theory that Abraham Ford, the last and great bruiser played enthusiastically by Michael Cudlitz, would serve as the bridge between the two sides of the zombie apocalypse AMC. After all, before joining Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) and the rest of the gang, Abraham originally came from Texas, the same place where Fear the Walking Dead is heading in the fourth season, with the production underway in Austin. For three seasons, Fear the Walking Dead told a story set years and years before the current events of The Walking Dead about the same time as the second season of the main series. With that in mind, it made sense that Abraham would appear in Fear since his character was not related to Rick from Lincoln until the end of the fourth season.

Sadly, those dreams of Abraham have been shattered, not unlike how the baseball bat with barbed wire known as Lucille destroyed the skull of the late Sergeant Ford at the premiere of the seventh season of The Walking Dead ] On the other hand, another iconic face of the original series will make the leap to Fear : Morgan, the first great character I've met in the universe of Walking Dead following Rick Grimes, at least in terms of the people who are still alive.

But how does Morgan make sense to appear on the timeline Fear the Walking Dead given what we know about the character's story? This is where it gets interesting: makes no sense unless Fear the Walking Dead is about to experience a great leap in time. (The live broadcast of James' first day on the set was nothing more than the actor walking towards the makeup trailer.)

We do not know everything about Morgan Jones, but we do know his apocalyptic story in vivid detail: [19659002] • We met Morgan for the first time in the Walking Dead pilot, seeking refuge in Rick's hometown when the legislator first awakes from his coma and enters the world of the dead. Morgan's wife, Jenny, had already turned around at this point. Morgan's son, Duane, was still alive.

• After Rick left Morgan in the pilot, the spectators did not hear anything from the Joneses until the third season, "Clear", written by Walking Dead showrunner (and Fear the Walking Dead executive producer) Scott Gimple. Years had pbaded at this point, and at that moment, Duane died thanks to Morgan's inability to kill his zombified wife. Morgan remained in Rick's hometown all this time, and remains there even after Rick, Carl (Chandler Riggs) and Michonne (Danai Gurira) hit the road with enough weapons to fight against Woodbury.

• In season six, "Here's Not Here," also written by Gimple, we learned what happened to Morgan after parting with Rick for the second time. He continued his murderous attack, killing anyone he crossed, until joining Eastman (John Carroll Lynch), the aikido master who took Morgan under his protection and taught him that "all life is precious." Morgan stayed with his new pacifist mentor until Eastman's death, allowing a rehabilitated Morgan to return to the road.

• Shortly after leaving Eastman, Morgan saw signs for Terminus, which put him on the road to meeting Rick for a third hour. We saw Morgan on the road to Rick and Alexandria at some points during season five, until he finally met up with his old friend again in the final episode, just in time to see Rick shoot Pete Anderson in cold blood (Corey Brill ). We have been with Morgan since then.

Considering that story, Morgan could not have existed in Texas next to the characters of Fear the Walking Dead during the current time frame of the AMC – at least not without a big leap on the shark. A big jump in time makes much more sense if only in terms of logistics, especially considering how Fear the Walking Dead finished its third season with all the status quo in the air.

In its season three finale, Fear left the fate of a single main character hanging on the scale, potentially drowned or otherwise killed in an explosion that caused the González dam will overflow. The only exception: Madison Clarke (Kim Dickens), who was known to have survived the incident. The ambiguous ending allowed The Errarson Fear the Walking Dead a closing measure of the story he had been counting for three seasons of the series, while providing a blank slate for incoming presenters Andrew Chambliss and Ian Goldberg , with Gimple also serving as executive producer.

It is already clear that there are great creative movements happening in the front of history Fear the Walking Dead with two significant casting announcements in the last month: Garret Dillahunt ( Deadwood and Raising Hope ) and Jenna Elfman ( Dharma & Greg and Imaginary Mary ) signed up as new clients of the series for the fourth season. Now, a third new regular series has been added, in the form of Lennie James as Morgan, and based on what Gimple said about the movement during the announcement Talking Dead it certainly seems that this is a version of Morgan fans have yet to see: "Morgan's bow in The Walking Dead season eight positioned him for the story in Fear the Walking Dead ."

As Concerning the comics of Robert Kirkman and Charlie Adlard in which The Walking Dead is based, Morgan no longer exists. The character is killed in the comics during the same badault on Walker in Alexandria as the one presented in the sixth season of the AMC adaptation. Like Melissa McBride & # 39; s Carol, then, the television version of Morgan is a blank slate that advances. Given Morgan's current arc in season eight, in which he is once again struggling with issues of mercy and anger, one can easily see why he would definitely retire from Rick's group and send him to Texas.

Like Morgan, Fear the Walking Dead exists on a blank canvas, since the story takes place in the same universe as the flagship AMC series, but does not take its clues from history of any source material. There is no comic book arch that provides a road map for a leap in time Fear the Walking Dead – although, interestingly, there is a significant leap in comics Walking Dead who was mocked at the premiere of season eight, aligning very well with the current place of the program in the process of adaptation.

In other words, there is no reason why Fear the Walking Dead can not jump several years into the future and tell new stories with new characters, in a period of time that is closely aligned with the current events of the flagship Walking Dead . In fact, there are many narrative reasons why a leap in time would be useful, either eliminating problematic characters (this would be an easy way to overcome Frank Dillane's Nick, as a possible example, though a photo of Dillane in the season The first table read, embedded below, suggests Nick's safety, for now, or quickly advances in some very necessary evolutions of character.Alice's Alice Debnam-Carey, for example, was on the way to becoming a fully self-sufficient soldier of Apocalypse during the third season, meeting the character again several years after that point eliminates the need to experience her growth as a slow-moving warrior, and instead move directly into action with a much more appropriate story for the abilities of the tried and true actress.

Also, if Fear the Walking Dead does not benefit from l Restart of creativity so necessary, a leap in time gives AMC the option to attract the most successful characters in the series (such as Alice and Madison) to The Walking Dead proper, no big leaps in logic. After all, baduming Morgan arrives in Texas with full knowledge of Rick's community, it's not uncommon to imagine him bringing each and every one Fear laggards to Alexandria if things do not work out in Austin.

the past, there was an external effort to maintain The Walking Dead and Fear the Walking Dead separated from each other, to the point that a story with characters from the CDC was finally rejected to appear in Fear . Despite its relative audience success, Fear never captured the spirit of the era in the same way as his older brother, at least in part because of his isolation from the main series and his status as a true prequel By bringing the two shows closer in time and through the lens of one of the most recognizable and enduring faces of the franchise, AMC has the opportunity to delve into the world of Walking Dead through two aligned entities.

Dr. Spengler warned that crossing the currents "would be bad", but in the case of The Walking Dead this nuclear option could be a very good idea. For now, here are the only official statements of the Walking Dead that are based on the new role of Morgan in Fear means move forward:

"The brilliance and humanity of Lennie James in his portrayal of Morgan Jones he has been part of the DNA of what makes [TheWalkingDead so fantastic from the beginning, "says executive producer Scott M. Gimple. "Morgan's story will continue in this season of The Walking Dead and then, it starts again in the next season of Fear the Walking Dead pushing the series – and the Waking Dead universe in itself – in new directions and possibilities. "

" As long-time Lennie James fans and their portrayal of Morgan Jones, we are thrilled to be joining the cast of Fear the Walking Dead "say Andrew Chambliss and Ian Goldberg, showrunners and executive producers of Fear the Walking Dead ." We look forward to working with Lennie to continue the journey in which Morgan started The Walking Dead ]

"Bring Morgan to this new kingdom and landscape, see who it could be now, see where his story could go in the world of Fear the Walking Dead is wonderfully exciting and I really am esp It was the challenge, "says James. My time in [1945900] 9] The Walking Dead has been a blessing and one of the main work and personal experiences of my life. That cast and crew will count on my love, my respect and my deep gratitude until the end of my days. "

What are your theories about Morgan's new role in the universe Walking Dead ? the comments section below, and follow THR.com/WalkingDead for more developments.

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