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& # 39; Dr. No Good & practiced Spanish on your phone during surgery: suit

A Westchester woman is suing a surgeon for practicing Spanish on her cell phone – WHILE operating her.

Patient Mary Edwards states that Dr. Eric Fishman tried to explain the atrocious misconduct by telling him that it was his only "free" moment to review the language.

Edwards, 70, filed the nauseating lawsuit after going under Fishman's knife in September for his varicose veins at Westmed Medical Group in Purchase, New York. [19659002] While claiming to have been placed under general anesthesia, Edwards insists that he was aware of what was happening around him and witnessed the surgeon taking calls in English and Spanish, including one on breast milk and one on his battles against diabetes, blurred vision and "night sweats," the documents say.

When she confronted him, he told her that he had been taking a "language proficiency test" and that it was the "only" moment he had to do it, the costume states.

"Dr. Fishman further explained to Ms. Edwards that she operates Spanish-speaking clients, and as such, needs to be certified in Spanish," the documents read.

The lawsuit cites a rule of the American College of Surgeons that prohibits cell phone use while it is in operation.

She is suing for an unspecified amount.

A spokeswoman for the medical facility did not return a message immediately.

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