& # 39; Congress lost courage to fight against BJP in development plan & # 39;


  PM Modi in Gujarat: The Congress lost courage to fight
PM Modi in Gujarat: & # 39; Congress has lost courage to fight against BJP in development plan & # 39;

PM Narendra Modi is back on the Gujarat battlefield and heading to consecutive rallies in different parts of South Gujarat. Addressing his first demonstration of the day in Morbi of Gujarat, the prime minister accused Congress on Wednesday of taking credit and political mileage on minor schemes, such as providing hand pumps, while saying that the BJP rule brought important projects such as the Narmada project. for the benefit of the people.

"Those who ransacked the country can only think of dacoits," he said, addressing a demonstration in Morbi in Saurashtra, which is voting in the first phase of the Assembly's state elections on December 9.

the opposition party, Modi said, "the development model of the Congress was giving hand pumps, for BJP is the scheme of SAUNI (the Narmada water project for the Saurashtra region), where we will fill dams Saurashtra through huge oil pipelines. " [19659004MientrastantoelvicepresidentedelCongresoRahulGandhitambiénseencuentrahoyenGujaratparaintensificarlacampañadelCongresoantesdelaseleccionesdelaprimerafaseel9dediciembreElvástagodeGandhidaráinicioalviajeactualconunavisitaalfamosoSomnathtemploTambiénvisitaráJunagadhyAmreli

Gujarat goes to the polls in two phases 9 and 14 December, while the votes are counted on 18 December. While 89 seats in Saurashtra and the southern region of Gujarat will vote in the first phase, the elections in the remaining 93 electoral districts in the central and northern regions will be held in the second phase.


03:59 p. m.: If the Congress was in power The waters of Narmada would never come here and the farmers would be at a disadvantage. Congress has tried everything possible to delay the project: PM Modi

03:52 pm: In the last 22 years, the BJP has finished the rule of the tanker with an uninterrupted development

03: 50 pm: The Congress Party, which wants to destroy the country, sees the dream of power in Gujarat

03:49 pm: In the rule of Congress, there are 7 of 10 Rath yatras in which communal riots occurred: PM Modi

03:47 pm: If you want to see what we have done, you do not have to spend much time, if you meet the ro-ro service of ferry in Ghogha-Dahej, then they will know what we did: PM Modi in Palitana

3:46 pm: BJP has changed this in the last 22 years. We have made the oil industry irrelevant: PM Modi

03:46 pm: Remember the water shortage in the region? This is because Congress controlled the tanker business. It suited them to have this shortage: PM Modi

3:45 pm: Since the formation of the BJP government, the black bloodshed of innocent people has stopped: PM Modi

03:39 pm: Congress has lost the courage to fight against the BJP on the development platform: Modi

03:33 pm: Prime Minister Narendra Modi wins a great reception of the people of Palitana


02:11 pm : the Congress is seeking votes from the OBC communities, but they should answer why they did not allow the commission of the OBC obtained constitutional status for all these years. We brought the movement, it was approved by Lok Sabha but it got stuck in Rajya Sabha, where the Congress has a majority.

02:10 p. M .: I want to badure you, Congress can try to put obstacles in place, I am committed to ensuring that your designs fail. The Parliament will meet soon and we will present that issue again in the plenary session of the House. We want to give our OBC communities what they deserve.

02:09 pm: I want to ask Congress. What is it that you have against our army? OROP's claim was pending for forty long years. Why the successive governments of Congress did not do anything about it, asks PM Modi

02:07 pm: As the election approached, they announced a meager 500 crore for OROP when the requirement Real was much older. This was deceptive of the first order.

2:01 pm: When Dr. Rajendra Prasad came to inaugurate the Somnath temple, Pandit Nehru expressed his displeasure at that. Sardar Patel dreamed of Narmada but his family did not allow that dream to come true.

1:45 pm: I am a child of this soil, says PM Narendra Modi in Junagadh.

is my second day of campaign. I have traveled to Saurashtra and to the south #Gujarat . The enthusiasm is remarkable. I can see so many women who have come to bless us: PM @narendramodi in Prachi # GujaratElection2017 pic.twitter.com/1zVnUcAadP

– India TV (@indiatvnews) November 29, 2017


12:01 pm: When Indira Ben came to Morbi, I remember that there was a picture of her in the magazine Chitralekha with a handkerchief on his nose because of the bad smell, but for Jansangh the streets of Morbi are fragrant, it is the fragrance of humanity.

11:54 a.m.: In Gujarat, we started a mbad movement to conserve every drop of water. This is because we understand the adverse impact of the lack of water. The development for us is not about winning polls, it's about serving all citizens.

11:49 am: The main problem in Kutch and Saurashtra when we came to power was the shortage of water. The lack of adequate water was affecting society. The BJP government changed this and obtained the Narmada waters in these regions.

11:48 am: The welfare of the Gujaratis is the most important thing for us. Even when we were not in power, we were doing everything possible for the people.

11:47 a. M .: The development model of the Congress is the manual pump and BJP is the Narmada project.

11:46 a.m.: For the Congress, & # 39; development & # 39; It was giving hand pumps. For BJP, it is SAUNI Yojana and large oil pipelines that transport the waters of Narmada. We also focus on check dams.

11:45 am: I spent a full month working with those affected by the flood. There were many families where all the members were linked in the disaster.

11:44 a. M .: The story is proof that we always stayed with people during ups and downs.

11: 38 a.m. PM Modi continues blitz campaign in Gujarat, says today Morbi is known throughout the country.

11:25 a.m.: Indira Gandhi insulted Gujaratis, says PM Modi in Morbi.

11:20 a.m. Prime Minister Narendra Modi addresses the rally in Morbi of Gujarat.

08:30 a.m. PM Modi will arrive in Morbi and will head to a large public meeting at the Parshuram Pottery on the Bhadiyad Road around 9 a.m. m.

08:25 a.m. The prime minister will be accompanied by Deputy Prime Minister Nitin Patel.

08:20 a.m.: Later, you will visit the Prachi area of ​​the Saurastra region and go to a public meeting in Prachi Timdi on the Sutrapada Taluka road. The Chief Minister of Gujarat, Vijay Rupani, will receive him and accompany him

08:19 a.m. In the afternoon, Modi will visit Palitana, a famous pilgrimage center of the Jain community in Bhavnagar.

08:18 a.m .: The prime minister will go to a public meeting near the Casa del Circuito Palitana. It is believed that Palitana is the most sacred pilgrimage of the Jain community, the most prosperous community in the state that comprises five percent of the population.

08:15 a.m.: Modi's last public speech will be at Navsari in South Gujarat at night in front of Tighravadi. He will be received by the national vice president of the BJP, Parshottam Rupala.

08:10 a.m.: After the address, Prime Minister Narendra Modi will fly back to Delhi.

08:00 a.m. : Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched a lightning campaign on November 29 addressing four electoral rallies in different parts of Saurashtra and south Gujarat.

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