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& # 39; Black Lightning & # 39 ;: Who is Inspector Henderson?

Black Lightning made her television debut tonight and brought a new incarnation of an iconic DC Comics character.

Spoilers of Black Lightning premiere of the series, "The Resurrection", below!

In the first act of tonight's episode, fans followed Jefferson Pierce / Black Lightning (Cress Williams) and his family at a school benefit dinner. As shown in the episode, going to that benefit was not exactly as planned, since Anissa Pierce / Thunder (Nafessa Williams) was arrested for protesting the gang of 100.

Jefferson picked up Anissa from the station police, so they could go for the benefit. While on the benefit, Jefferson crossed paths with Inspector William Henderson (Damon Gupton), thanking him for helping with the arrest of Anissa.

For some, Inspector Henderson is a fairly familiar face, since the character has existed in the DC Comics world for quite some time. It originated in the radio series The Superman Adventures of the decade of 1940, in which he served as Superman's police contact. Henderson was not officially featured in the comics until 1974 [ActionComics# in which he played a similar role.

In the following years, Henderson appeared in the first Black Lightning run as well as the problems of New adventures of Superboy and John Byrne The steel man miniseries. He was then reintroduced into the Supergirl # 37 of 2009, which saw him as the leader of Metropolis Metropolis Division.

Henderson also appeared on television, although those representations have been very varied. The character appeared in The Adventures of Superman television series as a white man with a felt hat, but has since been portrayed as black in Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman ] and Superman: The Animated Series .

Even with so many iterations of Henderson's existence – and the character's comic ties with Superman – Gupton says the Black Lightning version will be his own unique incarnation.

"Originally, when [showrunner] Salim [Akil] mentioned it for the first time, I was curious about whether it would be that guy who appeared on Superman or whatever," Gupton told ComicBook.com. "But he's his thing, he's quite separated from that, I think what I want is his strength, he does his thing and really does his thing, that's the only thing … and maybe the hat too."

] Fans will be able to see what will happen to Inspector Henderson when Black Lightning airs on Tuesdays at 9 / 8c on The CW.

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