& # 39; Became radicalized in New York & # 39;

The failed New York City subway driver allegedly attended a mosque linked to terrorists in Brooklyn that was once funded by the Saudi government.

In an open "confidential" report on counterterrorism issued by the NYPD intelligence unit, the agency designated five people linked to the Masjid Nur Al-Islam mosque attended by New York City terrorist Akayed Ullah as "the most dangerous".

Bangladeshi police learned from Ullah's relatives that the 27-year-old terrorist "had not shown interest in extremism before [moving] to US [ sic ] with his family in 2011," reports the Dhaka Tribune.

In the criminal complaint filed against Ullah, the US Department of Justice. UU (DOJ)) acknowledged that the process of radicalization of the terrorist began at least in 2014 when it came into contact with pro-Islamic materials of the State online.

In a Facebook post written before the attack, it is reported that Ullah wrote a message proclaiming that US President Donald Trump had "failed to protect" the United States.

Although Ullah was the only one seriously injured in the attack, five other people were also injured.

"Fortunately for us, the bomb partially detonated," New York Governor Andrew Cuomo told CNN. "He detonated it, but it did not have the effect he expected."

The Dhaka Unit against Terrorism and Transnational Crime (CTTC) has been collecting information about Ullah through his wife and parents since the attack attempt on Monday.

"We did not obtain any information indicating that he had become radicalized in Bangladesh," said Mohammad Saiful Islam, deputy commissioner of CTTC. "We're baduming he's radicalized in New York, we're trying to learn more."

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Bangladesh described the jihadist as a "local American terrorist" when the US Department of State. UU I'm requesting information.

Echoing other badessments, the Center for Security Policy (CSP) reports:

Ullah attended the Masjid Nur Al-Islam mosque, known to have many terrorist links and used to be financed by the Saudi government . Among the members, the son of a former imam in the mosque, Adnan Gulshair el-Shukrijumah, became a senior member of Al Qaeda and another member, Abdul Rasheed, was convicted for planning to blow up the United Nations building (UN ) and the Holland Tunnel.

The Bangladeshi terrorist "was close to the imam of the mosque and used to meet him in the afternoon prayers", New York Times (NYT) learned from a regular badistant identified only as Mohammad.

Earlier this month, News 12 Brooklyn reported that local Muslims have linked the former imam of the mosque to corruption and embezzlement.

He "deceptively" took control of the worship facility, known for serving the Bangladeshi community, and closed it down, letting the parishioners pray outside as they try to find answers.

News 12 learned from the faithful that the "ex-imam resigned in August after an alleged embezzlement scandal, but not before"

The New York jihadist is not the only member of his family who attended a suspicious mosque.

CSP Notes:

Ullah's brother also reportedly attends a mosque with a history of terrorist badociations. According to reports, Ahsan Ullah attended Masjid al-Salam, the same mosque where the infamous blind sheik Omar Abdel-Rahman used to preach. Rahman is considered the mastermind behind the 1993 bombing of the World Trade Center. Abdel Rahman died in February of this year.

Bangladeshi authorities believe that Ullah's radicalization process began after his father, freedom fighter Sanaullah Miah, succumbed to cancer in New York.

Citing acquaintances and relatives of Ullah in Bangladesh, notes from the Dhaka Tribune: "He began to show a greater interest in religion after that, and he told his family members to offer prayers regularly and to pressure them to to follow Salafism, an ultraconservative branch within Sunni Islam. "

Many jihadist groups, including ISIS and al-Qaeda, subscribe to the Sunni Salafi ideology. [19659005] FBI agents reportedly kept a former Imam in the Masjid Nur Al-Islam mosque under surveillance.

Authorities affiliated the former imam with Clement Rodney Hampton-El, or "Dr. Rashid," later convicted in a terrorist plot to bombard landmarks throughout New York City.

U.S. The authorities have accused Ullah of criminal possession of a weapon, supporting an act of terrorism, making a terrorist threat, providing material support to a terrorist group and using a weapon of mbad destruction.

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