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& # 39; Awesome & # 39; Nokia phone or home device that starts on February 25

It's been almost a year since we saw the first Nokia phones with Android. Now we are being promised another "incredible" announcement next month.

A tweet from Thursday's product manager at HMD Global – the company that grants Nokia's right license phones registered trademark, mocked a phone launch for the Mobile World Congress, called MWC, for short. The world's largest world conference call will take place from February 26 to March 1, and announcements will begin on February 25.

However, an official invitation to the "Nokia Phone Home" at the MWC also hints at a connected home product. The invitation to an event on February 25 shows a couple sitting on the floor inside an apartment or a house, with sketches of a side table, a ceiling lamp, a picture of the framed wall and a window around it.

The invitation capitalizes the word "Home", emphasizing the concept, and also asks guests to register to obtain a "house key" to enter the event. Although the invitation also calls HMD "the home of Nokia phones", there is no phone in sight.


HMD Global

We suspect that HMD would launch Nokia phones at the MWC, but this connected hoax could show the brand branching out beyond the phones and into the crowded space that is in development.

Making Nokia phones work with Android is part of a comeback comet for HMD Global. Nokia phones were once one of the world's leading brands, before iOS and Android gained popularity while mobile software owned by Nokia declined.

After Microsoft bought and then sold the rights to make phones with the Nokia brand using Windows software, HMD Global picked up the license. HMD Global operates independently of Nokia Corporation, but their phones appear on the Nokia website.

When HMD was launched for the first time with a Nokia phone based on Android, the world expected a high-end stellar device. Instead, HMD Global launched a series of entry-level and mid-range devices in Nokia 2 3 5 6 and 7 . At the time when the Nokia 8 much more premium appeared at the end of 2017, the hardware could not keep up with the best current phones.

Now Juho Sarvikas, the executive of HMD Global, hints at a premium device of some kind, one that will hopefully draw attention along with the next products that Samsung will launch in the same program, including the phone that is expected to be called the Galaxy S9 .

Sarvikas of HMD Global did not explicitly disclose what the company has for the MWC – HMD Global did not immediately respond to a request for comment – but the company will have to take out the big guns for Nokia to show itself to rival Samsung.

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Nokia finally has a flagship Android phone to get excited …


Even if HMD Global reveals a smart home device, we also expect to see new phones with the Nokia brand. It was discovered that the recent update of the Nokia 5 camera includes the names of several unnamed Nokia model names, including Nokia 1, 4, 7 Plus and 9. We do not know much about these phones, but we may hear more about the MWC.

There is also the possibility that HMD will renew some of Nokia's models from last year, similar to how Nokia 2018 recently announced.

So if you're a fan of the Nokia brand, make sure Be aware of CNET as we will cover the MWC next month.

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