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& # 39; Avengers 4 & # 39 ;: Who is the character of Katherine Langford?

There are many options for the star of & # 39; 13 Reasons Why & # 39; when he joins Marvel's cinematic universe.

Just when the public thought they did not have a title yet Avengers 4 could not include more characters in the conclusion of the Marvel Cinematic Universe Phase 3, Marvel Studios surprises with another addition of casting. Although the additional filming concluded earlier this month, the news came on Friday that Golden Globe nominee Katherine Langford (13 reasons why) Scenes filmed for the next Avengers movie on an undisclosed paper. Until the first trailer teaser lands, hopefully soon, much of the plot surrounding The Avengers 4 is Pure rumor and speculation for the moment. But the overall photos suggest a leap in time, and previous comments from producer Kevin Feige and directors Anthony and Joe Russo confirmed that the film will serve as a conclusion for MCU fans who have known each other over the past decade and a point entry to new characters, stories. , and concepts. With those things in mind, here are some ideas that the character of Marvel Langford could portray in Avengers 4.

Hawkeye / Kate Bishop

Where is Clint Barton? That was one of the biggest questions that the public had to leave. Avengers: the war of infinity this summer. While the film briefly mentions that he, along with Scott Lang, were under house arrest following the events of Captain America: Civil War (2016) the response was not satisfactory, given the final global interest and the fact that Lang managed to slip his security details as seen in Anthill and the wasp. Photographs and filtered promotional art suggest that not only will Clint Barton receive a new costume when he appears in Avengers 4, He will also adopt a new nickname to replace Hawkeye: Ronin. Barton also adopted the disguise of Ronin in the comics that followed the Civil War, but in the MCU his reasons could be more tragic: the loss of his family after the attack of Thanos. Whatever the reason, Hawkeye may be no more, which would be a perfect medium to present Kate Bishop, who took the name of Hawkeye in post-Civil War comics. Bishop has become a key player in Marvel Comics, largely as a result of his role as a member of the Young Avengers, and Matt Fraction and Alex Aja's Eisner nominee. Hawkeye Series that explored the student / teacher relationship between the two heroes. With her compatriot Young Avenger Cassie Lang already established in the MCU, and it is rumored that she is a teenager thanks to a jump of time in Avengers 4It does not seem too hard to believe that Langford will join her to found the next generation of Avengers and serve as their rude residents.


We already know that the Skrulls are going to play a very important role in the next year. Captain Marvel, who sees the aliens who change their shape fix their gaze on world domination. Fans have speculated that the Skrulls have already been in the MCU for years, disguised as a recognizable face. Undoubtedly, a post-credit sting for Captain Marvel You will see one of the aliens escape to establish a life on Earth, perhaps as a Vengeur or key member of SHIELD. That point in the plot would share similarities with Secret invasion, the comic event of 2008 in which it was revealed that the Skrulls had kidnapped and replaced several Earth heroes years ago, which raises the question "Who do you trust?". At the center of this arch was Spider-Woman, who revealed herself to be Queen Veranke, who had infiltrated the Avengers to weaken her position for the next invasion. While Thanos will remain the central threat in Avengers 4, it would not be surprising to see a secondary threat arise in the form of Veranke (perhaps with Spider-Woman ties) to configure a future adaptation of Secret invasion. The Avengers have yet to face a female adversary as their central threat, and the power and difficult situation of Veranke to find a new homeworld for its people after a Galactus attack could create an interesting moral dilemma for the Marvel heroes. in the future and allow Langford to show us his dark side (er).


In the absence of Doctor Strange after his death in Avengers: the war of infinity, the earth needs a protector to face mystical threats. While Wong is confirmed to return in Avengers 4He can not sustain the fort by himself and the role of Sorcerer Supreme must finally be fulfilled. Perhaps in the absence of Strange, Wong assumes the role of mentor, becomes the new Old and forms a new apprentice to protect the magical and alternative dimensions of the world. In the comics, Clea is the daughter of Dormammu, and the partner and eventual wife of Stephen Strange. But the MCU has a history of changing the characters' relationships and updating them, and it would be more interesting to see Clea, relocated as a replacement for Doctor Strange, and perhaps a true rival to her Master of the Mystic Arts title. While these threads can be best explored in their entirety in a sequel to Strange doctor (2016), there should be some significant changes in the store for our heroes when they inevitably return, especially if a significant time gap occurs. There may not be a better way to prove Strange than to make him return and discover that he no longer holds the position he once held and that he has been replaced by a younger and attentive sorcerer. And Clea, with her connections to the Dark Dimension still unexplored, could open the doors of the cosmic MCU in a way that goes beyond space travel and extraterrestrials.


It's no secret that Marvel Studios agrees with Jack Kirby's Eternals for the future of the MCU. The project, which is being configured as Marvel's next big thing, already has a script by Matthew and Ryan Firpo, and will be directed by Chloe Zhao. It seems likely that Eternal It will be one of the Marvel projects for 2020 and it would not be surprising to see the seeds of that film planted in Avengers 4, especially given the characters & # 39 ;, which are actually a race of superpower beings, connection with Thanos. In September, The Hollywood Reporter reported that Eternal In part, it would focus on "the love story between Ikaris, a man fed by cosmic energy, and Sersi, who enjoys moving among humans." The Eternals are still a bit difficult to understand through a brief synopsis, and we expect Marvel Studios and Marvel Comics to make the effort to bring these characters to the forefront in a digestible manner over the next two years. In short, Sersi is an immortal with the ability to rearrange the molecular structure of objects, which could be a useful power when it comes to resurrecting the disintegrated heroes in Avengers: the war of infinity. While Sersi has his own expansive mythology related to the Eternals and his war against the Deviants (the race from which Thanos comes), he has played a central role in helping the Avengers several times over the years, including joining the Team briefly and help them defeat Nebula. Perhaps the key to facilitating audiences towards the Eternals is through the Avengers. In any case, Langford is strikingly similar to Kirby's portrayal of the character who stood out among the Eternal Key with his dark hair and high cheekbones.


One of the surprising omissions of Thanos's characterization in Avengers: the war of infinity it was his unrequited love for death, which in Marvel Comics is personified as a black haired beauty and, sometimes, more alarmingly, a skeleton in a purple cape. Although the appearance of Red Skull provoked the public with the concept, and its role played a role similar to that of Death, the real entity continued to disappear. Perhaps this was because Thanos had not yet caught his attention. While Infinity WarThanos is logical and calculating, an evil mathematician with a body of god, it would be interesting to see Avengers 4 Give us the interpretation of Mad Titan that looms over the comics. Tormented by the visions of death, Thanos's peace can be brief and see him return a little crazy and talk to an entity that only he and few others can perceive. The Langford cast, through its youth and its ability to quickly create heat, can create an interesting wrinkle to one of the oldest and most terrifying concepts in the universe.

Whoever Katherine Langford ends up playing is sure to add something interesting and exciting to the MCU, and hopefully stay for a while as the franchise explores new corners of Marvel.

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