& # 39; All green systems & # 39 ;: See SpaceX turn on the Starship engine for the first time in South Texas | Technology

The test only lasted about three seconds. If the Raptor engine and the Starship Hopper remain in good condition after the test, it is likely that there will be more jumps and, eventually, unattached ones.

SpaceX is testing to reach a point at which its mbadive Super Heavy reinforcement will be able to take the starship to space and land it back on Earth, just like the Falcon 9 rocket.

This version is suborbital. Continuous and successful testing of the liquid-oxygen / methane-fueled engine could indicate that Musk is on track for orbital launch, he said he plans to complete by mid-2019. His goal is to send the first humans to Mars.

Musk visited his rocket plant in Waco in February to see his team perform static engine tests. Wednesday's engine jump was delayed several times, even once the Starship was hit by strong winds and required repairs.

Musk approached Twitter to celebrate the successful test and said: "Starhopper completed the jump tied, all systems are green."

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