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& # 39; Agents of SHIELD & # 39; Season 5 premiere: “Guidance” recap with spoilers


The episode opens with shots of a child's drawings. The man who took the SHIELD team from Coulson enjoys a little time in the pool. Take out a softly labeled container from your fridge. He removes human skin to shower, put on a suit and drives to an air hangar. He meets a man who has a white van. Man digitally exchanges paint on the side of the van. The agent loads the truck with a tactical attack team and they leave.

The truck arrives at Rae's restaurant. The attack team turns off the electricity in the restaurant block, then turns on the searchlights and torments the diner. Some guards outside make a small talk while the agent's team loads the SHIELD team minus Fitz, who "was not on the list". The van leaves and the lights are restored.

The SHIELD team is unloaded, and as soon as possible. When they recover the agency, a monolith washes them. Coulson is looking over an asteroid field through a broken window in some kind of spacecraft or space station. Everyone around you is frozen in time.

Coulson grabs a bar bolted to the wall just as time resumes, and a man is sucked out the window.

Two other men argue for having gone out the window and letting the man die Coulson reveals himself, and one of the men seems to have been waiting for him. Before the man can explain, they hear a noise similar to an animal from outside the room. One of the "badroaches" grabs one of the men and pulls him out.

Coulson insists that the other man, Virgil, explain what is happening. Virgil says he is a true believer in Coulson, just before Mack appears and unconscious Virgil.

Yo-Yo appears elsewhere on the ship. She starts hitting someone with a gas mask until someone removes the mask and reveals that she is Simmons. Simmons examines some corpses on the ground and discovers that they have been dead for a while, but all the fluids were drained. Mack and Coulson arrive, dragging Virgil's unconscious body.

A man with a helmet enters the structure through the same broken window that Coulson was looking at.

Slide 1/9 – Part 1, Act II
Slide 2/9 – Part 1, Act III
Slide 3/9 – Part 1, Act IV
Slide 4/9 – Part 1, Act V
Slide 5/9 – Part 2, Act I
Slide 6/9 – Part 2, Act II
Slide 7/9 – Part 2, Act III
Slide 8/9 – Part 2, Act IV
Slide 9/9 – Part 2, Act V
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<p>  Grill magnetizes the metrics that have just installed to immobilize the SHIELD team An angry human finds them there and plans to kill them to get them back at the Grill to defend them He insists he has to because he owes a life, but Tess shoots him First the grill is covered with the Kree when the guard scans its metrics. </p>
<p>  The servant who was stabbed is taken to Kasius, he is not happy with the scar, he admits that the stab wound can be covered by a tunic, But the cut in his head can not, now it's imperfect, and Kasius has killed him <g clbad= Sinara Almost a monochrome-like device of the man's ear and it's in Simmons' ring She can not hear

Deke discusses with Daisy about rescuing Simmons and about the mor eke & # 39; s Framework den. A news report about Quake plays in the TV bar. Deke confirms Daisy's identity, and says she has reconstructed the story, and it was she who tore the planet apart.

Simmons becomes one of the servants of Kasius.

Deke says that SHIELD tried to save the world, and that's what caused it to be destroyed.

Simmons and two other servants are taken to Kasius. She only hears Kasius' voice when he speaks to him. Guests of Kasius arrive in a spaceship.

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