38 years ago today, Terry Bradshaw used an alias … it was Tom Brady

Terry Bradshaw used the alias

Terry Bradshaw used the alias “Tom Brady” in …. 1983.
Picture: AP

Terry Bradshaw once apparently wished he was Tom Brady before Tom Brady became Tom Brady.

Thirty-eight years ago today, the four-time Super Bowl champion and Hall of Fame quarterback underwent elbow surgery. Wanting to keep the procedure secret, he used an alias.

Then, on March 3, 1983, a “Thomas Brady” went to undergo a procedure on his elbow.

Tom Brady! IM so lucky? Bradshaw he told Athletic in a short interview before telling him he had to get back to work. “There is no doubt that he and I are joined at the hips: the same initials, the same number. So I had hair. I was a sex symbol. Then I had it all going. ”

The injury he tried to repair was considered “minor” at the time, but ended up ending his career. He retired after aggravating his elbow again in the first game of next season.

The newer TB12 has surpassed Bradshaw in every way, now adding his seventh Super Bowl ring at age 43. Bradshaw got all four of his rings before retiring at age 36., jokingly pointing out that he was undefeated in the Super Bowl, while Brady has three losses.

Then comes Tom Brady. I’m 4-0, Joe is 4-0. Brady wins his seventh, ”Bradshaw said. “Win eight, win nine, who cares? Now you get seven wins but you subtract his three losses and you get four. Four, four, four. That’s all I have to say and I have to go. “


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