30 spring cleaning tricks that you wish you had known from the beginning

Have fun while cleaning

Quickly clean your stove

Open your tap

Stop cleaning and start covering

Bargain your game equipment

Get superclean with self-cleaning ovens [19659002] Use your clean snack

Give your pillow some pop

Refill your towels too

Stain-proof stainless steel

Clean your ceiling fan without sweating

Throw things in the washing machine

Use your dishwasher to its full potential

Get rid of dirt from your appliance

Quickly clean your toaster

Clean the pots the first time

Make your own dishwasher detergent

Detergent for the dishwasher DIY clothes [1
9659002] Clean the pantry

Remove the hair of the pets with a hand mixer

Clean the jewels in a slow cooker

Clean the floors with coconut oil [196] 59002] Blow crayon

Baby your dryer

Clean the glass with a coffee filter

Clean the shower jet for a shorter time

Clean the inside of the window of your oven

Get your white sheets

Dry your friends from the fluffy bed

Get rid of the plastic bags

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