3 winners and 3 losers of the Steelers win 31-28 over the Packers


If you thought the Steelers were going to shoot the Packers without Aaron Rodgers, you were wrong. Brett Hundley stood his ground, and the Packers 31-28.

The Steelers hit first with a 1 yard pbad from Ben Roethlisberger to Xavier Grimble. The PAT attempt was wide, but Pittsburgh had a 6-0 lead.

Green Bay was quick to respond. They scored 14 unanswered points in the first quarter. The Steelers responded with a score and a successful two-point conversion to tie the game in half. The Packers scored again on an absolute penny from Hundley to Davante Adams. But the momentum began to change for the Steelers at the end of the third.

He started with a 57-yard field goal lost to the Packers, followed by a 1-yard touchdown pbad from Roethlisberger to Antonio Brown. The Steelers' defense covered their ears and went behind Hundley. The Packers' defense created opportunities with a forced fumble and a pick, but the offense could not turn those opportunities into points.

Hundley stood there and led a series of scores to tie things 28-28. The Packers' defense got big and he recovered the ball from Hundley with a high. The Steelers forced a punt, and gave Ben Roethlisberger 17 seconds and two waiting times to try and get the win. The Steelers got in position to attempt a 53-yard field goal. The kick was good, and the Steelers won.

Here are all the winners and losers of Sunday Night Football.

WINNER: This capture of Antonio Brown

My God. This challenges the description.

WINNER: Brett Hundley

He did not win the game, but he played well. Hundley finished with 245 yards and three touchdowns, including this beauty for Randall Cobb.

He hit Davante Adams in the third quarter, and Adams burned the secondary Steelers as crisp on their way to the end zone.

Despite taking four sacks, Hundley's balance never faltered. He led a series of 12 plays and 77 yards in the fourth quarter to tie things 28-28.

WINNER: The Packers' opportunist defense

Hundley kept things together on the offense, but the defense also deserves credit. They chose Ben Roethlisberger twice and forced and recovered a loose ball.

LOSER: Geronimo Allison and the glued masks of Vince Williams

Allison and Williams went into action after a play, and Williams hit his head against Allison's helmet. And their masks stayed stuck.

In a way, it intimidates you when you try to act harshly when, suddenly, you physically go through with the person you're talking to.

LOSER: unsuccessful 57-yard field goal attempt

Mike McCarthy is going to wish he had recovered this one. He gave the Steelers a great field position, which they converted into a touchdown by Antonio Brown to tie the game.

He started a swing in favor of the Steelers.

LOSER: touchdown celebrations without JuJu Smith-Schuster

The rookie wide receiver is down with a hamstring injury. But celebrations are simply not the same without him.

Antonio Brown did his best effort here. But we hope that Smith-Schuster returns to the field to make things happy.

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