3 observations pass the biggest test yet after the Sixers, scoring a dramatic win over the Lakers

Although Wednesday night’s game was never going to give a definitive answer as to whether the Sixers are NBA title contenders, it was the team’s most important early season test yet.

The Sixers passed it, winning 107–106 over defending champions Lakers and improving to 13–6.

The pull-up jumper of Tobias Harris’ final possession over the Sixers led the team to victory and saved it, leaving him quite frustrated. 14 points with more than five minutes to go, the Sixers late-game execution simply wasn’t good enough as they seemed more anxious to see the clock wind down than the score. Harris finally saved the day and lost an off-balance to Anthony Davis on Badger.

LeBron James provided 34 points, six rebounds and six assists in a losing effort while keeping Los Angeles competitive throughout the game.

The win is the 2020-21 Sixers’ best ever, an impressive response to the notion that their place at the top of the Eastern Conference accounted for an easy schedule.

Six president of basketball operations President Darryl Morey was not in the game because, according to a report by The Inquirer Keith Pompey, he is working remotely due to COVID-19 contact with Sivers.

The Sixers play next Friday night, a road match against the Timberwells. Here is information about his victory over the Lakers:

Simmons vs James

Ben Simmons was in jump-to-attack mode, scoring six of the Sixers’ first nine points, quickly eating enough space that James gave him to conduct and set the tone well.

James was presumably the focal point of the Lakers ‘offense, and he quickly ignited Simmons and the Sixers’ fiery defense, scoring from multiple back cuts. James’s understanding of when and how to make extensive use of his skills remains special; He is a basketball genius who is an extraordinary physical gift. His aggression was necessary in the first half as Los Angeles scored 1 for 11 points out of three and achieved no meaningful scoring from none other than James and Davis.

Although James scored much higher than his mentally, Simmons made his mark on the game in many ways, recording a triple-double with 17 points, 11 rebounds and 10 assists.

Danny Green said Wednesday after the Sixers’ firing that he sees why people associate James and Simmons, but feels it is “unfair” to compare someone to James. We agree with their assessment.

Eventful evening of Embiid

It didn’t take Joel Embiid long to frustrate Marc Gasol, the man to protect him during his career’s worst 0-for-11 performance last season as the 35-year-old picked up a technical foul in the first quarter of a. Object to Embiid and one. The Sixers’ All-Star center started rolling after that, before the double teams arrived he came to the checkpoint and made his move.

Head coach Doc River left Embiid for 10 minutes and played him in the lineup without any true power. The unit was excellent as the Sixers were overshadowed to help whoever suffered a size loss on a particular defensive possession and continued to cook aggressively, taking a 34–18 lead.

Non-embeded minutes later which were far less fruitful for the Sixers as the Lakers were ahead by 8–0. Dwight Howard missed four throws during that stretch and did not play well, prompting Rimes to insert Simmons as the defensive center of his team. A member of the Los Angeles bench shouted “No Rim Rim” given that decision and with all due respect to Simmons and his diverse defensive talents, the sentiment was not wrong.

That said, the Sixers were able to commit at least some offense and stabilize things a bit when Simmons replaced Howard. The rivers’ desire to use Simmons at the center is certainly a notable development; Maybe it’s a look, if they offer it at the playoffs, the Sixers will start getting into it. Rivers gave Howard his usual backup center minutes in the second half.

The Sixers welcomed returning (along with his many other skills, of course) to tarnish Embiid’s ability, as he lacks the pistol to reverse Monday’s loss to Team India. Tamarind was 11 for 13 from the foul line.

Embiid (28 points, six rebounds, four assists) feared injury in the third period when he went up for a dunk and fell to the floor after making contact with James’ chest. He dropped his fist to the floor and got up from Ginger but remained in the game and freed them both. James was called for flagrant 1 dishonesty. Embiid was whistled for a flagrant 1 foul after about a minute when he hit Davis in the face with an elbow to draw a foul on the drive.

Step up complementary pieces

In the star-centric game, the Sixers won in large part because their complement players were better than the Lakers.

At the turning point at the start of the third quarter, Harris leaped into Gasol’s body and hit the ball for a six to take a 57-53 lead. Both Harris (24 points on 10-16-shooting) and Danny Green (14 points on 5-for-11 shooting) soon drained three-pointers, followed by the Sixers to build their advantage to 12 points, one. The Lakers forced a timeout. And could relieve the Lakers’ impending uneasiness in the second quarter.

Although the Lakers did not get away, Harris was crucial later in the third, converting a leftie layout, stopping Davis once or twice at the post and enabling the Sixers to retain their lead. His All-Star affair definitely grew a bit stronger Wednesday night, especially with his clutch jumper to cap a high-drama game.

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