3 observation Sixers help top Celtics after Joel Embiid’s huge game

Joel Embiid did not join the Sixers for his latest road trip due to right knee pain. He was back for Wednesday’s matchup against the Celtics at the Wells Fargo Center, however, and the Sixers were certainly thrilled that he was available.

Embiid led the Sixers to a 117–109 victory, scoring 42 points on 19 field-goal attempts, grabbing 10 rebounds and helping the team improve to 10–5 with another MVP-level performance.

Seth Curry has approved the NBA’s health and safety protocol, but did not play on Wednesday as he regains his conditioning after testing positive for COVID-19. 7. All players who test positive for COVID-19 are not allowed to practice at least 10. Days, according to the league’s protocol. Celtics star Jason Tatum may be able to return for the finale of this mini-series on Friday as he progresses after reportedly testing positive for COVID-19.

Here is information about the Sixers’ Wednesday win:

Embiid to handle a lot

Embiid seemed fast, healthy and impossible to defend effectively.

The Sixers had success using him in left elbow area and in pick-and-pop at the top of the key, a more difficult spot for the Celtics on double blocks than the double team.

This has been a trend with Embiid lately, and he is enjoying being able to play at various venues.

He said, “It’s tough, for the guards.” Team, they still double and triple me – even more this year. Every year they keep doing the same thing and every time I have to catch the ball on the block, it gets harder. This is an easy place to double up. I am working on my game to extend it, and not only play like a big man – also play like a guard, able to dribble through traffic and shoot fadways or pull-up jumper Happen

“Playing with ‘delay’ functions, it’s good for me, because how are you doubling it? It’s twice as hard from the middle of the floor, and if you double, we’ve got way too many for me. Good shooters to hit it out, and (they) make the shot. So, there’s a lot more freedom. I want to be myself in that offense … especially if I know they’re dual teaming or triple team. Me. Can attack in a different style. I’m taking advantage of it. “

Boston certainly had no objection to Ambide making a double team, and the Sixers were perfectly happy to post him as well. A good order for the Sixers in the second quarter was when Embiid earned the position near the left block, took help and made a simple pass out of it, and eventually Shake Milton saw a three on the other side of the floor. A cross-court assist to Danny Green in the third quarter was another Embiid passing lure that demonstrated his habit to execute this season from the post, both basic and sophisticated.

“I love how he played tonight, because he lets him come in with 40 (points),” said head coach DR Rivers. “It’s hard to do that. But every time they made the team, they made a pass. Every time they didn’t do it, they attacked. I thought they wanted to double the team, and we gave them both He got out of it. He got out of it, he started scoring, he made a double team again and we got another three. I think that kind of balance from your team is good, and I think he Is counting on it. “

Embiid is elite in making free throws and is featured against another opponent who is not equipped to stop him, making 17 of 21. This skill was particularly important when the Sixers went on an extended second quarter drought without a field goal. Embiid’s health is paramount for the Sixers, and the team’s 0-3 record without him this season is not necessary to clarify this fact. Said, credit Dwight Howard for being a nuisance for the Celtics and for registering six offensive rebellions.

According to Embiid, the veteran big man was also effective off the floor.

Mbid said, “To this day, in spite of that, what you’ve (heard) about him in the past – when he came on the team, I never thought that everything I heard was true.” I have ever had – always great energy, always smiling, uplifting everyone. “

Unlike Embiid, Ben Simmons’ scoring can again be described as minor. The 24-year-old Jeff Teague was not fielded until the steal and the transition slam began at the end of the third period. He picked up his fifth foul late in the third quarter and finished with 11 points, eight rebounds and eight assists.

While Simmons attacked the rim well on several occasions when he sensed an opening and gave 7 for 10 shots from the foul line, the 17-point output on Jan. 6 against the Wizards is still his high for the season. Simmons clearly contributes in many ways besides scoring and Curry should benefit when he returns.

Rivers recognized the value of Simmons’ versatile, high-level defense in the game and praised him for maintaining his aggression while playing with five fouls late in the fourth round.

“I felt Ben was incredible – defensively, at first,” Rivers said. “We put him on Komba (Walker) tonight, we put him on Jaylen Brown tonight, we put him on Marcus Smart. It’s amazing what he can do for us, and tonight was a great example of that.”

Tobias Harris (22 points on 9-for-17 shooting) provided some much-needed offensive momentum in key moments, scoring seven straight points when the Sixers trailed 12-4 and gave the team an early lead in a lineup in the fourth quarter Helped to do. Four bench players.

Korchamaz Returns and Impact on Sixers Bench

Furkan Korkmaz returned on Wednesday after missing more than three weeks, including a stylish adventure sting, after posting seven points in 19 minutes. Isaiah was a man as odd as Milton, Howard, Mattis Thybul and Korkmaz who were only second unit Sixers.

Asked about Joe before the game, Rivers mentioned that he is not the only shotmaker on the Sixers.

“He’s a man who can make shots but can shake, so can Furkan, then Danny Green, then Seth Curry,” Rivers said. “He is in a line of us that we have. This is a big luxury. It is a great luxury with a man who can get off the bench and land a shot. Do you know what else? I felt that he had shown himself to be a solid defender, which would help move forward. “

On January 9, after playing 45 minutes for the Seven-Man Sixers, Joe shot 17 of 39 (43.6 percent) from three-point range. We believe he will soon get another opportunity, whether it comes from another player’s injury or from a decision at some stage of the river, to split his minutes with Korkmaz or Thybul. As noted by Rivers, the rookie wing has looked defensively and proudly, qualities that should boost his case even if his jumper is not falling.

A defensive question

Tyrese Maxey drew an initial assignment on Walker. The Rookies did not have an auspicious start as Walker, after beginning this season with a left knee injury in his second game, drained two early pull-up three-pointers. Thybyul upset Walker a bit in the second quarter with his length, constant activity and disruptive rearview competitions, but Walker managed to make two more long-distance jumps.

The Sixers were lucky to have Boston (19 points) playing just 22 minutes as Boston planned to get him back into action, and he calmed down, going 1 for 7 after shooting.

Although the Sixers did not leave their bigs behind against Walker, they too were not prepared to blitz him regularly or otherwise force the ball through the hands of a four-time All-Star. In future playoff series, will they play a more aggressive pick-and-roll defense against him? We will not get an answer to that question anytime soon, although we are seeing an adjustment in the finale of this mini-series.

In terms of overall defensive effort, the Reavers liked to see the Sixers with 17 points, Boston and 1-for-9 shooting from three-point range in the fourth quarter.

He said, “I felt the starters came on defensively, we ran them all three. We pushed them inside the three-point line, but we didn’t give them an easy pace.” Hands on the ball. It was a (really well played), tough game played by both teams. “

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