3 Israelis protest Netanyahu amid lockdown

JERUSALEM (AP) – Thousands of Israelis renewed weekly demonstrations against Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Saturday, asking the long-serving leader to resign over allegations of corruption against him and alleged misuse of the coronavirus crisis.

The protesters, referring to Netanyahu by his surname, indicated “Go,” and “Bibi, let my people go”.

Protests erupted in a Jerusalem square near Netanyahu’s official residence as Israel is in the midst of its third national lockdown, which was recently tightened to close schools, and as the nation moves forward with the world’s leading vaccination campaign Increases. Netanyahu’s trial was scheduled to resume this week, but was postponed indefinitely amid tight restrictions.

Netanyahu has been charged with bribery, fraud and breach of trust associated with three long-running investigations. She has denied any wrongdoing and says she is the victim of a “witch hunt” by hostile media, law enforcement and judicial authorities. The protesters argue that Netanyahu cannot properly lead the country under indecency.

Despite one of the fastest vaccination campaigns in the world, Israel has recently seen an increase. The country has given the first two vaccine doses to about 20% of its population, and Netanyahu said Thursday that Israel had received enough vaccines to vaccinate the entire adult population by the end of March.

Netanyahu has placed the vaccination campaign at the center of the vaccination campaign. The same month. On March 23, Israel will give its fourth nationwide vote in less than two years. In the meantime, he called on Israelis to “make one last big effort” to stop broadcasting by following strict restrictions.


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