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3 incredible features for Firefox that you can get right now

  Firefox Quantum has a simpler logo than previous versions of the Mozilla browser.


When Firefox 59 is released in March, it will add controls to set permissions on how the browser accesses its location along with the camera and microphone on your computer. It will also include a global configuration to block sites that ask to be allowed to send notifications.

These settings will be welcomed, especially the ability to close those annoying requests that make sites ask if it's OK to send notifications, but you can access them if you're willing to access the advanced Firefox settings in about : config

1. Disable notification requests

Have you ever answered "Allow" when a site asks if you can send notifications? I do not have. If you have tired of repeatedly responding "Block" to this question, there is a way to prevent sites from doing so.

Enter on: config in the Firefox address bar and click on the button I accept the risk . Find dom.push.enabled and double-click it to change its value from true to false .


Matt Elliott / CNET screenshot

2. Disable location requests

Many sites also request your location, which could be useful for some types of sites (weather, mapping, etc.) but certainly not for everyone who asks. If you want to disable all sites to request their location, go to on: config search geo.enabled and set its value to false .

3. Disable camera and microphone requests

You will probably receive fewer requests from sites that request the use of your computer's webcam and microphone, but you can also close these requests at on: config . Find media.navigator.enabled and media.peerconnection.enabled and set the values ​​to false .

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