298 confirmed cases of COVID-19 among people who received the vaccine

The Arizona Department of Health is partnering with the Centers for Disease Control and local health departments to investigate 298 confirmed cases of vaccine advances in the state.

“We are working to identify patterns or trends in patient characteristics, administered vaccine or variant strains,” stated Holly Poynter of AZDHS.

AZDHS says that no deaths have been reported due to COVID-19 infection.

“While no vaccine is 100% effective, we continue to encourage all Arizonans to get vaccinated against COVID-19. Vaccines are a safe and effective public health tool critical to stopping the spread of disease and preventing serious illness and death from COVID-19, “Poynter added.

COVID-19 “Breakthrough” Cases

5,800 people nationwide and nearly 300 people in Arizona contracted COVID-19 after getting vaccinated, a reality that doctors say is to be expected.

“If you recall, there was nothing guaranteed to be 100% effective against anything … it was a culmination, so it comes as no surprise that a very small subset of people, despite having received the vaccine and having exposed antibodies and get the virus, “said Ross Goldberg, president of the Arizona Medical Association.

Goldberg says that some of his own patients and colleagues across the country, already vaccinated, have contracted the virus. But those with “breakthrough cases,” Goldberg says, haven’t had any serious symptoms.

“People are not being hospitalized, they are not getting sick or dying, which is the goal of the vaccine, to provide protection, but it will not be 100%.”

So far, across the country, more than 66 million people have been vaccinated and less than 1% of those people have subsequently become infected, and Goldberg says it’s a good sign that the vaccine is doing its job.

“The big question is, can you pass it on to other people? We’re still figuring it out … starting to look promising, we don’t know yet … but I want them not to be too concerned. something, but vaccines help even if you are exposed, because there is a protective layer that is applied with the antibodies that are developed from the vaccine. “

Goldberg says that even if you are vaccinated, he recommends that you continue to wear masks, especially for the sake of other people who may not be vaccinated around you. Once we achieve herd immunity, he says it will be time to relax mitigation.

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