25 US states want to ‘prioritize’ non-whites for vaccines

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Twenty-five of all 50 states “committed to focus on racial and ethnic communities” when deciding who should receive the coronovirus vaccine first.

“According to our analysis, 25 states have committed to focus on racial and ethnic communities because they decided which groups should be preferred to receive doses of the coronovirus vaccine,” John Levine tweeted.

The Center for Disease Control (CDC) has asked all US states to look at potentially important and vulnerable groups to prioritize them for the novel coronovirus vaccine, which has begun to ship within the US since December 13, and ethnic Is mentioned. And being good candidates for early delivery of vaccines to minority communities.

12 out of 25 states have specifically targeted communities of color to receive vaccines at priority locations as far as working with healthcare companies that are based in areas with large minority populations.

For example, Michigan has stated that minority status and native language may be factors determining how quickly a vaccine may reach.

In New Mexico, officials have said they plan to focus on the state’s Native American population.

In North Carolina, officials have cited “particularly historically marginalized populations as an early-stage significant population group”.

And in Oregon, the Department of Health said they would ensure that “Black, Indigenous, Latino / Latina / Latex, Pacific Islander, and tribal communities have equal access to vaccination”. The head of the department of Rachel Banks had already announced that the vaccines would be “particularly focused on our communities of color who have seen undue disproportionate effects from COVID-19”.


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