24 million year old nursery for baby megasher discovered in South Carolina

About 24 million years ago, the baby animals of the giant beast are called ancestors. Megalodon A place is needed to grow up before moving to the new seas, so they roam a coastal location with easy-to-catch prey – which is now a nursery in South Carolina, according to new research.

Until now, scientists knew only two fossil shark nurseries: 10 million years old Megalodon Nursery Another 5 million years in Panama Great White Shark Nursery in Chile. In addition to being the third such nursery, the new nursery is also the first nursery to record Karchokles Angstidens, The smallest shark that lived during Oligosine era (34 million to 23 million years ago), said co-researcher Robert Bosenecker, a research fellow at the Mess Brown Museum of Natural History at the College of Charleston in South Carolina.

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