230 Delta passengers flew with drones loaded with bombs on board, AeroVironment sued

In a lawsuit filed last month and filed Thursday, defense contractor and drone manufacturer AeroVironment was sued by one of its former employees, who said he and his colleagues were fired for reporting an incident that violated a flight commercial. laws

Former AeroVironment program chief Mark Anderson complained in the unjustified dismissal lawsuit, filed on April 18 with the Superior Court of California, that an unnamed employee of the company traveled from Salt Lake City to Los Angeles in April of 2015 on Delta Air Lines commercial flight with a drone loaded with explosives in a handbag. The flight was carrying 230 pbadengers at that time.

It was not clear how the employee managed to bring a drone loaded with bombs through agents of the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) before boarding the flight. TSA has an extensive list of items that are prohibited on commercial flights, whether in hand luggage or check-in. Among the prohibited items are dynamite, fireworks, flares, hand grenades, plastic explosives and even "replicas of realistic explosives."

Anderson, who oversaw the top-secret government programs of AeroVironment, said he learned of the incident in May 2015. When he decided to call the attention of his superiors in the company, as well as in the Department of Defense (DoD) about the incident Anderson said that he and some of his other colleagues were stripped of their duties and fired without compensation for dismissal. And now Anderson is looking for unspecified damages from the company.