2021 NFL Draft: Why Trey Lance Could Fall To Bears, Ryan Pace At No. 20

If the Bears don’t get their next starting quarterback through a trade, or sign a free agent when the league year begins March 17, that doesn’t mean the team is caught up in Nick Foles’ trot. back to the field in 2021. Of course, there is always the draft. For the first time since 2018, the Bears have a first-round pick, so this could be a great opportunity to recruit a new face to the franchise, right? Well, by the time the Bears pick hits No. 20 overall, a lot of the big names could already be off the board.

However, Chris Simms of Sunday Night Football said Monday that he believes a quarterback with a first-round draft rating could fall on the draft charts on April 29: Trey Lance.

“Trey Lance is the one who really intrigues me,” Simms said. “For me right now, based on my exploration, people have Trey Lance in the top 10, I don’t see that at all. I mean, not at all. For me, my opening statement would be that Trey Lance is too tall and Mac Jones is too short. I bet that changes at some point. “

Our own Adam Hoge agrees, and even made Lance go to the Bears 20th overall in his first mock draft after the Super Bowl. In that mock draft, Hoge listed several reasons why Lance could fall to the Bears and why choosing Lance carries some risk.

“There are legitimate questions about the level of competition (FCS) and its development, especially considering that Lance only played in one game in 2020,” said Hoge. “And that comes from the personnel evaluators I have spoken with, not from me. While the state of North Dakota uses a pro-style offense, the 2019 playbook was very basic and Bison rarely opened it with Lance’s big arm. In fact, in 19 career games, Lance only attempted more than 23 passes in a game twice. In total, there are only 318 college pass attempts to evaluate. To put that in perspective, Trevor Lawrence, Zach Wilson and Mac Jones threw more than 318 passes in 2020 alone and the only reason Justin Fields was limited to 225 this season is because Ohio State only played eight games. But even Fields has 618 passing attempts in his career to evaluate. “

However, Simms’ reservations about Lance’s prospects in the NFL run a little deeper.

“I know he only played one game, but I would be very concerned about how he threw the ball,” Simms said. “I would even worry what they called the game. It shows you that they are even afraid to throw the ball with it. Even the tapes from before that, from last year, it’s a run-first approach. It has a very wild movement. The ball can go anywhere with it. So that’s one where, in the early stages, I think it’s overrated based on my TV scouting. “

To be fair, Simms said this is all based on the initial impressions he got from watching home games. He will begin to delve into each of these quarterbacks starting this week.

On the other hand, Hoge also wrote about why Lance could be a perfect fit for the Bears after watching his only game in 2020, despite some of the concerns.

“As a red jersey freshman in 2019, all Lance did was go 16-0, win a national championship, complete 66.9 percent of his passes, throw for 2,786 yards, throw for 28 touchdowns and run for 14. plus. Oh, and he didn’t throw a single interception. So is. Lance entered the 17th college game of his career Saturday with zero interceptions.

“Lance can run, but he’s also nervous and can knock off tackles with his strength. It’s a pretty deadly combination. The arm is pretty strong and while I still think there’s something to show for accuracy, you can’t really object to a guy without interceptions in a full college football season, even at the FCS level. Another strong point is the offense in which he plays. The Bison huddle together, execute plays in the center with game action, and execute plays from the shotgun. They run the ball and the tight ends are very involved. It’s not a very exotic offense, but it translates into the NFL and, honestly, there are similarities to what the Bears have been running in 2020. ”

None of this back and forth is new. Every year we go through the minute details of each quarterback trying to discern who will have the best race. There were pros and cons that scouts found in Mitchell Trubisky’s body of work, just as there were pros and cons that scouts found in Patrick Mahomes’ body of work.

Assessing talent at the quarterback position is one of the hardest things to do at the NFL level. Unfortunately for the Bears, they are doing it for the second year in a row.

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