2020 US Open picks, odds: expert predictions, favorite to win at Winged Foot Golf Club this week

The 120th US Open is coming up with an increasingly important question, which is the one everyone is asking in the golf world: who are you to win on winged feet? With a tremendous field featuring most of the best golfers in the world, the first major of the 2020-21 season should be an epic ride from Thursday’s first round.

The stories abound this week. Dustin Johnson and John Rahm want to continue their incredible game. Tiger Woods and especially Phil Mickelson are hoping to tap into the fountain of youth as Woods wants to win a course in which he is playing and the leftie has singled out again. We also have a wife from Justin Thomas, Rory McElroy and other star golfers, who we will claim one of six majors before the season is out.

So what is going to happen in New York later this week? Let’s take a look at the full set of predictions and pics from our CBS Sports experts. Check out a complete set of odds via the William Hill Sportsbook with tee time for Thursday’s first round.

2020 US Open picks specialist, forecast

Kyle Porter, Golf Writer

Winner – John Rahm (10-1): The two toughest golf tournaments of 2020 have both been won by Rahm. He took both the Memorial Tournament at Muirfield Village and the BMW Championship at Olympia Fields, effectively against the affected fields. Those tournaments serve as facsimiles for this US Open, and Rahm has a short game to stand on, even though he does not have his best tee-to-green package in the wing leg.

Sleeper – Adam Scott (50-1): Scooty is in demand for a world class miniature game and iron game with winged feet. They haven’t played as much as most other stars in the region, but their top 25 finish at TPC Harding Park was impressive a month ago, noting that it was their first tournament in five months. He has been in the top 20 in four of his last six US openings.

Top 10 Locks – Dustin Johnson: I think he will back off from the heater he took, but the heater is so hot that it will probably still be in the top 10 if he falls back. He has been in the top five of four of his last six US Open wins, including a 2016 win at Oakmont.

The Star Who Definitely Won’t – Bryson DeKambo: His style just isn’t going to work this week. It would take a lot of work over the next 10–15 years, and he would win a lot of tournaments. But his short game is not where he needs to be, and he won’t be able to decrypt winged foot like he has other courses on the PGA Tour.

Top 5 in order: John Rahm, Coleen Morikawa, Adam Scott, Dustin Johnson, Patrick Reid

Surprise Prediction: Tiger Woods will miss the cut. Perhaps this is not surprising to those following closely, but it will be to a wider audience who only tune into major competitions. His game is not fast nor where he needs to participate in the US Open. He will not miss the cut very much, but he will stay on the line all week and eventually get on the wrong track on Friday evening.

Shortest Round: 67 (-3)
Win Score: 285 (+5)
Winner’s Sunday score: 72 (+2)

Chip Patterson, author

Winner – John Rahm (10-1): For most of the PGA Tour seasons after the restart, there was a professional golf scoring bonanza. Whoever can warm up and roll the most birdie to win will be in contention, and then on Sunday, the absence of fans helped ease some of the pressures that came from those late afternoon hours . But the two tournaments stood out where the combination of course design and tournament-week maintenance gave the region a unique challenge: the Memorial and the BMW Championship. Rahm won both of those events as he got a world-class form, which sets him apart from all the courses when he calls for all those shots. His well-rounded goal is fully set to win his first major championship by continuing the game and maturing as a star at this level and going into the fall this hot streak.

Sleeper – Matthew Fitzpatrick (60-1): Applying the same system here, Fitzpatrick finished third at the Memorial and finished 6th at the BMW Championship and became the only other player (along with Rahm) to enter the top 10 in both events. You are also betting on some championship history because the USGA is not a threat to Fitzpatrick, as it is to some young stars. He made all five of his career starts at the US Open, was less amateur in 2014 and finished 12th at Shinnecock Hills in 2018 and Pebble Beach in 2019.

Top 10 locks – Xander Scheffel: There are no holes in his game. Schauffele doesn’t quite match up with the bombs’ distance, it’s not so dialed in that he walks off the field on approach shots and is known to struggle with his Potter from time to time, still 26 years old. – Old T-to-Green topped the top 10, top 10 in strokes overall and seven top-10 finishes in a season. And these are the big stage top 10s, also as runners-up in the Tour Championship, finishing 10th at the PGA Championship and 6th at the WGC in Memphis. Schaeffel succeeds in the biggest stages of the game because he can still hang in there when he doesn’t have his own fastball, and that kind of flexibility will be a key on the winged foot.

Stars that definitely won’t win – Justin Thomas: I like JT more at events where you can go to a part of Birdies and not only that the US Open is not, in theory, but certainly not the case at Winged Foot. He had his best US Open finish at Erin Hills in 2017, when a record 31 players finished the tournament in equalizer, coming to T9 after a rollercoaster weekend with a white-hot 63 on Saturday and then a course-perfect Sunday 75. He is playing so well that he can definitely make it to the top 10, but becoming a winner is not the right fit for him.

Top 5 in order: John Rahm, Hideki Matsuyama, Patrick Cantley, Rory McElroy, Dustin Johnson

Surprise Prediction: Phil Mickelson took the lead on Thursday. He was also very excited and lax after starting his first Champions Tour and spending the entire week talking about the 2006 choke, with huge bets on him to win and – oh yes – the annual US Open and grand slam talking. Point. This is their first US Open since I turned 50, and I think they come out with stellar stuff, sending the golf world into a frenzy. He’ll probably fade the background and may even miss the cut, but I think we get to meet Phil some Thursday.

Shortest Round: 66 (-4)
Win Score: 278 (-2)
Winner’s Sunday score: 71 (+1)

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Kyle Boon, author

Winner – Coleen Morikawa (18-1): That’s right, back-to-back majors for crooks. He is a monster with his irony and always plays with control, which will be key to success in ensuring there is a week full of carnage on Winged Foot. If he can shape his irony with the sauce like he always does and get around the greens, he will be in the mix to win his second consecutive major championship since taking home the PGA Championship last month.

Sleeper – Phil Mickelson (80-1): At some point, Karma has to favor Phil, right? He finished second or T2 at the US Open on six different occasions throughout his career, including some close-but-not-so-close to intimacy. It seems that the world owes him at least one – and there is no better year than this one. He just turned 50 years old and had some great moments, including a win on the Senior Tour and finishing T2 at the WGC-FedEx St. Jude Invitational.

Top 10 Locks – Dustin Johnson: Generally, I trust DJ less than most golf stars, but I can’t fade him this week. He is coming off a Tour Championship win and a FedEx Cup playoff win, and has finished T2 or better four times in a row, dating back to the PGA last month. This is the best and most consistent DJ we’ve ever seen, and I hope it continues with the top-10 this week.

Stars Who Definitely Won’t – Rory McElroy: Since winning the US Open in a historic manner in 2011, Rory has been unable to regain the spell with four missed cuts in eight US Open outings in previous years. McIlroy has played well in his last two bouts, but it’s hard to ignore how many pedestrians have had since the epidemic in the last seven, six of which he finished outside the top 30.

Top 5 in order: Coleen Morikawa, Dustin Johnson, Justin Thomas, John Rahm, Xander Scheffel

Surprise Prediction: Rahm holds the No. 1 spot on the leaderboard at the end of at least two rounds. He is an artist from the tees and has a way to rise to the occasion when the course gets tough, which should play in his favor this week.

Shortest Round: 67 (-3)
Win Score: 276 (-4)
Winner’s Sunday score: 68 (-2)

Adam Silverstein, Deputy Managing Editor

Winner – Justin Thomas (14-1): After a tremendous effort by Major in 2017-18, JT has not had any major success in the last four games, with no finishes in the top 10 and suffering a lapse in its final four. Despite this, he is playing quite well in every phase of his game except for putters. He is completely in contention at Winged Foot. The question is whether he can outdo previous ones like DJ and Rahm. I’m not sure, but at 14-1, I’ll pick one of the best players in the world.

Sleeper – Ricky Fowler (55-1): Look, I get it. Fowler always passes but never gets the job done. He has singled out 11 top 10s on Major in the last nine years and two in 2019. Even recently he played well but fell apart over the weekend. here’s the thing. He is going to spend the first two days at Winged Foot surrounded by fellow former pox as Finger’s Oklahoma State trio, Victor Hovland and Matthew Wolfe will push each other. All three are among the top 50 golfers in the world. you know what? Wolf (60-1) is a very good long shot, too. I like one of these three guys to be in the top 10 entering the weekend, which puts them in contention for the entire US Open.

Top 10 Lock – Dustin Johnson (17/2): DJ is not what I would normally consider a lock for anything, but given the way he is playing, thinking that he will not contend for the US Open would be foolish. You can also do mercy here. My usual “lock” in this space is McDoroy, the top 10 king of the last 10, but he is not at the top of his game right now.

Star definitely won’t win – Tiger Woods: I believe Tiger has even bigger things to win, but he is not going to take winged feet. Woods is no better than the T21 at the US Open since 2010. It is a decade. Outside of his Masters win, which is nothing to plague anyone, he is none better than T21 in his last four majors, missing other cuts. He is the biggest star out there, and he is definitely not going to win this week.

Top 5 in order: Justin Thomas, Webb Simpson, John Rahm, Patrick Cantley, Dustin Johansson

Surprise Prediction: Phil Mickelson is running into controversy. Lefty knows he has to win in Winged Foot (despite not doing so in 2006) and has plenty of internal and external motivation to drive away his demons and not only work hard to win the US Open, but also in this course Let’s do this. He is not going to do that. But can he play well and have a handful of leads through the first two rounds? Absolutely.

Shortest Round: 67 (-3)
Win Score: 282 (+2)
Winner’s Sunday score: 70 (E)

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