2020 presidential election results: judges reject Trump’s claims in Georgia, Michigan

WASHINGTON – Judges in Georgia and Michigan quickly dismissed the Trump campaign lawsuits on Thursday, attacking a campaign legal strategy over the integrity of the voting process in states where the result could mean President Donald Trump’s defeat .

The Democrats came to the ruling as Joe Biden, close to the 270 electoral college votes needed to win the White House.

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Meanwhile, in Pennsylvania, the Trump campaign won an appellate decision to get party and campaign observers closer to election activists, who are processing mail-in ballots in Philadelphia.

But the order had no effect on the counting of ballots going forward in Pennsylvania.

Biden campaign lawyer Bob Bauer called Republican legal challenges meritless.

“I want to emphasize for the purpose that these lawsuits do not have merit. That is not the objective … It is for them to create an opportunity to give a false message about what is happening in the electoral process.” ” On Thursday, consistently accusing Trump’s campaign of “irregularities, system failures and fraud without any basis”.

Biden said that counting should continue in all states on Wednesday, saying “no one will take our democracy away from us – not ever.”

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But Trump campaign officials accused Democrats of trying to steal the election, even though there was no evidence.

Trump’s campaign manager Bill Stephan told reporters Thursday morning that “every night the president goes to bed with a lead” and that every night new votes are “mysteriously found in a sack.”

Trump campaign spokesman Jason Miller said additional legal action was expected and would focus on giving campaign officials access to where the ballots were being counted.

“We are going through literally every single ballot,” he said of the count in hotly contested Nevada.

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Trump’s campaign has also announced that it will ask for a withdrawal in Wisconsin. Stepian previously cited “irregularities in many of Wisconsin’s counties” without giving further details.

The Associated Press called Wisconsin and Michigan for Biden on Wednesday. The AP has not called Georgia, Nevada or Pennsylvania.

Pennsylvania and Michigan complaints involve large-scale access to campaign observers at locations where ballots are being processed and counted.

The Georgia case dealt with concerns about 53 absentee ballots in Chatham County. It was rejected by a judge by election officials in Savannah-area counties after certifying that all of those ballots were received on time. Campaign officials said they were previously considering similar challenges in a dozen other counties around the state.

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The counting of votes, meanwhile, was held on Thursday. In every election, the results reported on election night are informal and the counting of votes up to the last election day. This year, states were battling an avalanche of postal ballots inspired by the fear of voting in person during an epidemic.

Mail ballots normally take longer to verify and count. And the result was expected to take longer this year as there is a lot of mail ballots and a close race.

The Trump campaign lawsuits filed Wednesday in Michigan and Pennsylvania called for a temporary halt in the count, until it was given “meaningful” access in many places and allowed to review ballots that were already open and Have been processed.

The AP’s Michigan call came for Biden after the lawsuit was filed. The president is ahead in Pennsylvania, but more matched ballots are counted. The state had 3.1 million postal ballots, and a court order allows ballots received in postage to count by Friday if they were postmarked until 3 November.

In Pennsylvania, the Trump campaign complained on Tuesday that its observers could not get enough to see election workers writing on the envelopes of mail-in ballots, to ensure that the envelopes contained the signature and the name and address of the eligible voter . Ballot papers may be challenged or disqualified without such information.

Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro, a Democrat, said in an CNN interview that the Trump campaign lawsuit was “more a political document than a legal document.”

Note: 2 days after the election, attention should be given here

He said, “There is transparency in this process. Counting is going on. There are observers who watch this count, and counting will continue.”

Michigan’s lawsuit claimed that Secretary of State Jolie Benson, a Democrat, could count absentee ballots without teams of bipartisan observers as well as challengers. The Michigan Democrats said the suit was a longshot. Poll watchers from both sides were in abundance at a major polling place on Wednesday, the TCF Center in Detroit, AP observed.

Trump’s comments about leading supporters in the White House to an unspecified race in the Supreme Court were difficult to understand, but he did reveal a surprise of the court’s intervention in the 2000 presidential election, effectively cajoling George’s presidency. Ended with the decision to pass through. W. Bush.

But there are significant differences since 2000 and they are already on display. In 2000, Republican-controlled Florida was an important state and Bush was associated with a small leadership. Democrat Al Gore asked for a withdrawal and the Supreme Court stayed it.

For some election law experts, it is now too early to call the Supreme Court to intervene, if not haste.

A case would have to come to court from a state in which the winner of the election would be determined, University of California, Irvine, law professor Richard Hasin wrote on the electoral law blog. The difference between the vote totals of the candidates will have to be smaller than the votes at stake in the lawsuit.

“As of this moment (though things may change) it does not appear that either situation will be fulfilled,” Hasin wrote.

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