2020 ‘Paramedic of the Year’ arrested for alleged role in stealing COVID-19 vaccines

A man named 2020 “Paramedic of the Year” was arrested for allegedly playing a role in stealing a dose of the coronovirus vaccine.

Modern Coronavirus Vaccine, Joshua Cologne of Florida, 21, admitted to doing paperwork to conceal the theft of three syringes from NBC News. Reported. The colonel is accused of forgery, fraud and misconduct.

The colonel was named Paramedic of the Year at the Presidents’ Round Table Conference in Polk County in 2020. He resigned from his post on Friday.

Polk County Fire Rescue Capt. Anthony Damiano, Cologne’s supervisor, Reportedly made fun of wanting the vaccine for his mother, when he threatened Köln if he was not given the vaccine. The captain ordered the colonel to be discharged, after which the three pre-filled syringes of the vaccine disappeared.

The colonel did the paperwork when asked to provide documents for the colon.

Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd said during a press conference that the forgery was discovered when “anomalies” were noticed on three different vaccine forms filled by Cologne. NBC News reported that three vials of vaccine were given to Polk County first responders.

Authorities contacted some of the people listed on the forms as recipients of the vaccine, only to find that none of them had been vaccinated.

“The bottom line is Joshua tried to cover for the captain, Joshua determined the circumstances for the vaccine to be stolen,” Judd said. “If Joshua had just gone to his boss, he would have been a hero, but instead he started mishandling paperwork, people who were not present to cover it.”

Speaking to NBC News, a Polk County Sheriff’s spokesman said the allegations against Damiano were “imminent” and that he was currently at large.

“Mr. Colonel deeply regrets his weakness for failing to alert the chain of command to theft of the vaccine, accepts responsibility for his error in covering up the theft, and of protecting his agency’s reputation In an effort, has resigned from his position. ” , ”Said David Carmichael, a lawyer who represents Köln.


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