2020 NFL: The first Sunday of the season closes, here’s what you need to know

However, this year things will be very different.

Most stadiums will have no fans to start the year, and you cannot suit some of your favorite players due to an epidemic.

With most teams playing today, here is all you need to know with NFL Sunday first.

Commissioner Roger Goodell announced a series of social justice initiatives the league has planned, including helmet decals, a voter activation push and standard phrases in the end zones.

Teams will have the phrases “Team Take All Us” and “End Racism” which will be featured throughout the season in every team’s end zone.

The NFL song “Lift Every Voice and Sing” – better known as the Black National Anthem – will first be played during games on the weekend, while footage will be broadcast that shows the social justice work of players and teams.

Goodell said several players told him that voting was an important number one issue for them, which prompted NFL votes, a voting initiative the league launched in July.

It is a league-wide, nonpartisan initiative, which Goodell said “supports and encourages citizen engagement and voting of fans, players, legends and club and league personnel.”

The initiative will focus on three important parts of the electoral process: voter education, registration and activation. Education programs have been organized with players from all 32 teams, and Goodell said the league encouraged teams to offer their stadiums as polling stations.

Goodall, who said last month that he wished the league had “heard” Colin Kaepernick when he launched a protest during the national anthem in 2016, also announced that the league’s players would “shine the spotlight and honor the victims” Will be able to “systemic racism and police brutality” with decals on their helmets bearing the names of the victims.

Players will wear those decals throughout the season.

Chiefs begin title defense

The Kansas City chiefs began their Super Bowl title defense on Thursday, beating the Houston Texans 34-20.

Memories of Chiefs vs. Texas on Opening Night

Quarterback Patrick Mahomes looked as sharp as ever, and Rocky would only bump into one of the league’s highest scoring offenses, overtaking Clyde Edwards-Heliar.

The majors look as if they haven’t won a beat, and are favorites to win it again this year and repeat as Super Bowl champions.

Tom Brady in Tampa Bay

Tom Brady will wear a different jersey for the first time in his career.

Quarterback Tom Brady rocked the football world when he decided to leave the New England Patriots and sign as a free agent with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

With the Buccaneers, Brady has arguably the most talented arsenal of weapons around him. All Pro Players Mike Evans and Chris Godwin are two of the most talented receivers they have ever played together, and Tait and Rob Gronkowski came out of retirement to join Brady.

While the 43-year-old Brady has shown signs of decline in recent years, he is widely regarded as the greatest quarterback of all time and could lead the Buccaneers to their first playoff victory since the team won the Super Bowl in 2003 .

Brady-less Patriots

With Brady at Tampa Bay, the Patriots signed quarterback Cam Newton to replace him.

This is a new era for the Patriots at the center under Brady. The team will display a completely different offense as Newton is a mobile quarterback.

While a number of star players have been out to play this season due to concerns from the Kovid-19 to the Patriots, coach Bill Belich is difficult to count.

Can the NFL end the season?

There were some doubts that the NFL would be able to kick their season according to schedule due to the epidemic, but the league was able to get through training camp and start the season as planned on Thursday night.

66 NFL players have chosen virus concerns.  What does this mean for the 2020 season

Although there are plans to play the season in the league as scheduled, things can change quickly with thousands of new coronovirus cases in the US.

For a full-contact sport like football – in which it is nearly impossible to avoid being close to others, even under the strictest guidelines – that’s all but a few more players will test positive for coronovirus, experts say.
Face Shields like One Chief Coach Andy Reid wore on Opening Night can be seen regularly this season.
NFL Chief Medical Officer Drs. Alan Sills admitted in an interview with NPR that it is anticipated that the league will have more Kovid-19 cases during the season.

“We expect positive cases,” Mills said. “No matter how careful we try to be and how many protocols we have, we know that the disease is endemic in our societies and our communities, and is very contagious.”

An outbreak could easily force the NFL to change its plans, and the league may have no choice but to close the season if there is a major outbreak.

CNN’s Jill Martin, David Close, Kevin Dotson, Liah Asmalash and Wayne Sterling contributed to this report.