2020 Fantasy Football: Damian Williams opposes and Clyde Edwards-Helier jumps into Round 1 of the draft

Damian Williams has informed the chiefs that he intends to opt out of the 2020 season over concerns related to COVID-19. Williams has been a reliable postson hero for the majors and is projected to be the team’s starter to start the season, but his personal choice clearly changes.

And it just so happens that Kansas City spent the first round in the draft on a certain person, which we have constantly debated. A rogue who won a national championship at LSU and is one of the most polished pass catchers in the draft class. A man who, without playing a single down of professional football, would be a first-round pick. And a man who is already going by his initials.

CEH. Clyde Edwards-Hellaire.

There was no doubt about his lineage after 2019. As LSU’s lead got underway, Edwards-Hellair ran for 1,414 yards and caught 55 passes for 453 yards, with 17 touchdowns in 15 games. He came in with good numbers against particularly stiff competition, rushing for 627 yards (6.0 yards per carry) and scoring over 105 with 258 yards and 32 graves in six matches against top-10 competition. A score (was seventh) game but he had just two carts).

Now how high is the Edwards-Hallaire rank? Fantasy football today The crew broke it down in a breaking-news podcast. Follow all our podcasts and subscribe here.

Edwards-Helier is the first running back Andy Reid to ever be a first-round pick. There is good reason for this. Beyond college production, Edwards-Hellaire profiled as a mostly NFL-ready three-down player. He walks with good patience and very good cutting ability, and as passing back he is already quite adept at catching the ball and making yards after yards. If he ran a little faster (his 40 time at NFL Combine was 4.6 seconds) he would become an ideal prospect. Reid and GM Brett Veitch compared Edwards-Heilier to Brian Westbrook after selection, but in fact, Edwards-Healier is significantly more friendly than Kareem Hunt.

The same Karim Hunt as a Chief Rocky who threw for nearly 1,800 yards with 11 touchdowns. And then a total of more than 100 yards per game with 14 scores in 12 innings with Patrick Mahomes.

Fantasy managers can connect the dots here. Reid’s offenses have been great for running backs, and there is no doubt that is the case again in 2020, as long as the Mahomes are threatening to play deep ball after playing at center. Rarely, if there is a rush in the line of sweeps to discourage the Chiefs from running. In Reid’s history, many crooks are running like Hunt, who has done well in his first season. Edwards-Helier is in this lucky position.

It is safe to say that Edwards-Heilier, preventing a slump in training camp, will be the top back of the majors in 2020 and will be in a position to have a cheating season similar to Hunt. And that, friends, is a first-round pick. His upside weight against every other not-to-be-top fantasy fantasy is sixth overall in PPPR and seventh overall in non-PPR. Miles Sanders was someone I was happy to draft with a 1,500-total-yard capacity. I think Edwards-Hellair can beat him. I’d rather have CEH.

Soliding this projection is a major trend running on the back depth chart which is not too much of a threat to the Edwards-Hellaire situation. In fact, one who can only challenge for a while is DeAndre Washington, an ex-raider who has some good experience with impressive versatility to help load up Edwards-Heilier’s shoulder. People like Darwin Thompson and Darrell Williams, while skilled in their own way, simply do not appear a serious threat. Nor will any head running back sign at this point of training camp.

I think Washington warrants a late selection. In addition to being an experienced runner who can complement the Three Ascensions and Edwards-Hellaire, the inherent advantage of playing with Mahomes at Texas Tech for two seasons is Washington. This chemistry, especially in a year where teams will not have many drills to prepare for the regular season, is an advantage. Washington remembers the name late on draft day.

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