2020 Election and the Battle of SCOTUS

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President Trump and Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden have held different positions on several policy issues. Here are different ways about gun violence.


Biden has said that he will insist on banning so-called assault weapons if elected. In a New York Times op-ed, Biden – who helped lead the effort to ban assault weapons in the 1990s – wrote that the United States “has a major problem with guns,” and that Attack is the weapon, which they define as “military-“. Style firearms designed to fire rapidly, “are a threat to American national security.

He also told CNN’s Anderson Cooper that he would push for a federal gun purchase program in an effort to carry more weapons on the streets. He supports universal background checks, and said the assault weapon “should be illegal. Period.”

In the first Democratic presidential debate, Biden called for a “smart gun” – requiring manufacturers to include biometric measures that would prevent firearms from being used by people whose fingerprints are not registered for that specific gun. He has also focused on gun manufacturers. “Our enemy is the gun manufacturer, not the NRA. The gun manufacturers,” he said in the debate.


In the wake of mass shootings throughout his presidency, Trump has acted on gun violence, including expanding background checks. But he has been unclear on the details, and has repeatedly pointed to mental health and hatred as underlying issues.

Following the 2017 Las Vegas shooting, Trump ordered the Justice Department to ban bump stocks, attachments, which effectively fire continuously in a semi-automatic rifle. The ban went into effect in March 2019.

The president has endorsed “red flag” gun laws at the state level, capable of giving warning signs to those who sought court orders to intervene and temporarily endanger anyone with firearms use. in order to stop.


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