2020 BMW Z4 Coupé Fan Rendering predicts the inevitable

The first new Toyota Supra in almost 20 years debuted earlier this week. We have been silently observing the reactions to the new car through social networks, and we will only say that it has been interesting. Of course, it's no secret that Toyota built the new Supra through a partnership with BMW that also gave us the Z4 Roadster in August. The bones of Supra are German, and the interior also surprisingly reminds BMW. The body, however, is all Toyota, but now this new version of Kleber Silva fans at Bēhance.net gives us a look at what many people are already thinking about for the future BMW Z4 coupe.

Bimmer's face certainly does not look out of place here, but, again, why should he? Both cars share the same platform, although this representation does not take into account the sculpting very different from the BMW on the sides. We also expect BMW to take a significantly different approach to the roof and rear fascia in its coupé, but somehow we get the impression that the artist's mission was not simply to create a what if design. That said, it's probably time to address the elephant in the room.

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The reaction to the new Supra has been mixed, to say the least. Toyota has been criticized for mitigating the outward appearance of previous concepts, but above all what we have heard is the disappointment that the Supra seems to exude such essence of BMW. That's true both for the interior and for the BMW-origin racing train, but the disappointment continues with the lack of a manual transmission. As for performance, 0-60 in 4.1 seconds is nothing to sneeze, but Supra, who exceeds the range, did not even get the full 382 horsepower (285 kilowatts) version of the Z4 from the six-liter 3.0 liters.

So yes, we have an exquisitely detailed fan representation that represents a possible coupe for the BMW Z4 2020, although some might say that Bimmer already exists and debuted earlier this week. Regardless of how you look at it, we will say it, regardless of the credential, this representation shows a good car that you see.

Source: Kleber Silva on Bēhance.net

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