2020 AFL Grand Final: How to watch Tigers vs Cats, starting time, stream, US cable

It is the Cat vs the Tigers in the 2020 AFL Grand Final.

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Universal epidemic This year has really toyed with a lot of games, but in Australia we have managed to get more than 20 weeks of professional Australian rule football without significant COVID-19 failures. This weekend, it all ended in Australia’s Super Bowl: The AFL Grand Final.

It is a feline aquagnaza in the form of the top two teams, the Richmond Tigers and the Geelong Cats, which are closed for the 2020 Premiership Cup.

Typically, around 100,000 spectators will close the Melbourne Cricket Ground in September for a game of “footy”. This year, things are a bit different. For one, it is October. two: Pat McAfee single-handedly made American audiences excited about Australian rules When Lockdown kicks off all major US sports, Then there is a bit of extra interest.

This will be a historic grand final for the AFL. This is the first time the Grand Final will be played at night under the Lights. This is not the best news for international audiences in the US, which airs the game live in the states in the morning.

Australian Rules Football is the world’s largest sport, but the Australian Football League is not great at pulling guides together for international audiences – its International Broadcast Guide refers to 2016. But, look, I swear we’re not retreating here. , And despite what it looks like, the AFL wants to expand its fan base.

If you’re willing to watch the biggest * spectacle on the planet without all the commercials you get during the Super Bowl … then here’s everything you need to know.

When does the grand final begin?

The first boom is in Australia at 7:30 pm AEDT. If you’re in the US, you’ll need to make a night of it or get up early and brew a latte (that’s the folk in Melbourne, where the Grand Final is usually played).

Let’s walk through some American time zones:

  • airy: 10:30 pm Friday, 23 October.
  • Pacific: 1:30 Saturday, October 24.
  • the mountain: 2:30 Saturday, October 24.
  • Central: 3:30 on Saturday, 24 October.
  • Eastern: 4:30 Saturday, October 24.

And if you are in the UK:

  • BST: 9:30 Saturday, October 24.

Just because it is a (potential) one-night grand final and the start time is a little whiskey, here it is in all Australian time zones:

  • NSW, VIC, ACT, TAS: Saturday evening 7:30, October 24.
  • QLD: 6:30 Saturday, October 24.
  • SA, NT: 7: 00 pm Saturday, October 24.
  • Wa: Saturday evening 4:30, October 24.

How to watch 2020 AFL Grand Final

The game will be broadcast on Fox Sports 1 in the US and coverage will begin one hour before the boom at 12:30 pm PT / 3:30 pm ET. In the UK, BT Sport 3 will be the Grand Final. This means that if you want to join it you will need a cable subscription. If you do not have one, there are some other options that you can pursue.

Any international viewer can stream the game using the Watch AFL, although a grand final pass is about to set you back $ 40 AUD (about $ 28 million).

Even though the website was developed in the 1990s, you can watch on a compatible phone, tablet, or computer and it supports Chromecast, AirPlay or Apple TV apps. There is VPN capability Here, if this is something you are interested in.

The Australians are, understandably, covered. Channel 7 will air the grand finale on free-to-air live. Coverage will begin at 4:30 pm AEDT.

The AFL Broadcasting Department tells CNET that “Streaming in Australia is only available on the AFL live app offered by Telstra,” meaning that you will not be able to visit any free streaming services as well.

The AFL Live Pass is priced at $ 4.99 for a week, but new subscribers can get a two-week free trial – so that it may be your best bet if you haven’t signed up before. However, it does not support casting devices.

There are some devices that will allow you to play games on 7Plus If you are inside Australia. For the complete list, visit the 7Plus website. Apple TV, PlayStation4, Android TV are all included.

I don’t know anything about Australian rules but I’m excited, what should I know?

To be fair, this video produced by AFL tells everything you really need to know in a clear, concise manner. I’ll start there. Then the 1997 AFL Grand Final between the Adelaide Crows and the St Kilda Saints was highlighted and set to you.

Wait, they are not wearing pads?

Pad? Please please

Where is the grand final played?

Unlike the Super Bowl, the Grand Final is only played at a stadium in Australia: Melbourne Cricket Ground, or MCG. However, this year … well, this year, Plans have been changed.

The Grand Final will now be played at Gaba in Brisbane, Queensland. Perhaps to show our international readers how important the MCG is to the Grand Final, consider this: The AFL decided to cut a patch of grass from the MCG and ship it 1,100 miles across the country so that the MCG would somehow Get involved in any way. Last game of the year.

This is a spare no type type operation, folks. I can’t imagine what McAfee feels about this.

Is there a show off?

Oddly, yes. AFL usually does not run a halftime show, but COVID-19 has tried new things to them and they are driving entertainment on the break.

Look, fair warning: this is the biggest event in the Australian sports calendar, but it cannot match the spectacle of the Super Bowl. The halftime show will feature a band by the name of Shepard, whom you may know from their huge single “Jeronimo” (or you might not).

For what it’s worth, the AFL is going for entertainment with an All Australian theme, but it should probably go back to The Killers, which gave an iconic pregame show that was as delightful as something done by Springsteen in the Super Bowl .

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