2019 Ford Mustang has the need for green & # 39;

When a carmaker releases a paint color called "Need for Green" before such notable holidays related to green as St. Patrick's Day, fiscal day and 4/20, it's hard to guess which jokes deserve priority .

Ford has unveiled its new paint job "Need for Green" for the Ford Mustang 2019. It's, well, green – not as dark as previous Mustang deals, but not as bright as it was for mingle with the almost neon colors that Dodge loves to hit in his Challenger.

The color released this summer as part of the Ford Mustang 2019 lineup.

It's a thin, bad, green machine, or some other equally corny comment.


Ford gave the 2018 Mustang a considerable recharge, which includes a new interface and a configurable group of indicators display, so it is likely that we will not see too many additional changes when the 2019 line-up is launched.

That being said, there are some tricks up the sleeve of Big Blue Oval for 2019. Mustang Bullitt a green tribute (but a much darker green) to the Steve McQueen movie of yesteryear will be released . It will also launch the Mustang California Special that is based on some old-school aesthetic touches to revive a member of the Mustang line that has come and gone several times since its launch in 1968.

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