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2018 Nissan Leaf promotes a claim of 13,000 pre-orders

Nissan accumulated almost 20,000 orders for its new 2018 Leaf EV when orders were opened in Europe and Japan, which is a pretty solid figure. Now, it seems that the beam has struck twice.

Nissan has accumulated around 13,000 orders for sheet 2018 in the US UU., Engadget reports, citing a conversation with Nissan during the Detroit Auto Show 2018.

I've always subscribed to the idea that the more "normal" a VE is, the greater the chances that a gas buyer will come to the dark side. That's why I like Leaf 2018 so much.


The 2018 Leaf entered the US production in December and deliveries are expected to begin en masse earlier this year. While it is also built in Japan, the US specifications. UU They are built here in the former United States of A – Smyrna, Tennessee.

This surge in demand means that Nissan is doing something right with the redesign of Leaf. While the last Leaf was too futuristic for my tastes, the new Leaf fits perfectly with the rest of the recently refreshed Nissan tours.

It is also based on the technology of the old Leaf in a great way. A new 40 kWh battery sends the Leaf's overall range to about 150 miles, and if that's not enough, there's an even bigger battery on the road that will allow you to navigate more than 200 miles between charges. Old Leaf could barely reach 100 miles, which did not help his prospects against a series of new electric vehicles with greater reach. Performance has also been improved on the 2018 blade, thanks to a more powerful electric motor (147 hp versus 107 hp).

The 2018 sheet also brings a new and warm assistance to the driver at the table. The Leaf can have an option with ProPilot Assist, Nissan's semi-autonomous road system that will keep the vehicle in its lane at highway speed without the driver's intervention, but the driver must closely follow the car and the road. It also makes an appearance in the Nissan Rogue 2018.

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