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2017 was the warmest year for the world ocean

Due to climate change, not only atmospheric temperatures, but also oceanic temperatures are increasing. In fact, last year was the warmest recorded in the world ocean, according to a new analysis from the Institute of Atmospheric Physics / Chinese Academy of Sciences.

2017, the ocean temperature in the top 2000 meters was 1.51 × 1022 J, which is higher than the second warmest year of 2015. Also it is significantly higher than any year of the last three decades. The situation raises new concerns about the accelerated pace of climate change.

The oceans absorb more than 90 percent of the heat generated by human activities and this storage capacity of the oceans plays a central role in the stabilization of the Earth's climate system. In particular, emissions of greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide continue to increase the temperature of both the oceans and the atmosphere. Climate variability, such as the El Niño and La Niña events, are also contributing to the increase in temperature. The combination of these factors could lead to stronger precipitation events in the coming years.

"The increase in oceanic heat content for 2017 occurred in most regions of the world, the human footprint of greenhouse gases continues to affect the Earth's system," reports Phys.

"The Increases in ocean temperature cause ocean volume expansion, which contributes to the increase in the mean sea level in the world.The increase in oceanic heat of 1.51 × 1022 J in 2017 resulted in an increase in the global sea level of 1.7 mm Other consequences include the decline of ocean oxygen, coral reef bleaching and the melting of sea ice and ice shelves. "

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