2,000 OnePlus Buds Seized US Border Patrol Believes ‘Fake Apple Airpods’

US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) officials seized a shipment of OnePlus Buds earphones at JFK Airport last month, apparently believing that they were Apple AirPods, reports The ledge.

CBP Tweeted Last night its officials “recently seized 2,000 fake apple ir airpods from Hong Kong, valued at $ 398K that they were genuine.”

The tweet is also linked to an official press release praising CBP officials for “protecting the American public from various threats on a daily basis”, a direct reflection of vigilance and commitment to the success of the “Blocking of these fake earbuds” mission Is “our CBP officer daily. ”
Based on the accompanying photos, the seized products are actually legitimate OnePlus buds, as clearly described on the boxed earphones. Whether the 2,000 seized units were all OnePlus Buds is not immediately clear, but given that CBP tweeted “this is not one [Apple emoji]”OnePlus’s direct reference to the box suggests that this is a shameful mistake.

Also, and as mentioned by The ledge, CBP’s assessment shows they have been mistaken for PAirPods, as 2,000 OnePlus Buds at $ 79 each would cost $ 39,000 at $ 158,000. According to a CBP press release that does not mention the OnePlus branding, the units originated from Hong Kong and were moving to Nevada, but were seized at JFK on 31 August.

To be fair, the OnePlus Buds bears a strong resemblance to Apple’s stick-like earphones, and there’s no doubt that there is market awareness with the AirPods knockoff. But OnePlus is a well-known brand, and there’s no shortage of other legitimate brands that “pay homage” to the form factor and iconic beauty of Apple’s earAirPods with their own wireless wireless earphone offerings.

Whether the seizure was actually the result of a cock-up or just poor communication from the CBP, OnePlus has clearly seen the funny side: its executives USA Twitter account responded With CBP’s tweet “Hey, give back!” A reverse smiley emoji.


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